Final Jeopardy: Colleges & Universities

The Final Jeopardy question (7/29/2016) in the category “Colleges & Universities” was:

This Catholic university gets its name from the Latin for “new” & “house” & was in the news in Spring 2016.

2x champ Barbra Resnick beat yesterday’s leader by a dollar. That brought her winnings up to $26,799. In the very last game of Season 32, her challengers are: Courtney Paulson, from Los Angeles, CA; and Jim Lebbos, from Charlotte, NC.

Big Thanks: As another Jeopardy season comes to a close, I would like to thank all my visitors who have enjoyed this season along with me. Hopefully, you found the recaps entertaining and informative at times. I appreciate my commenters so much. From the fun hints on spoiler talk to the post-game observations, you have all contributed greatly and made recapping a pleasure for me. ~ VJ

Round 1 Categories: State Of The TV Show – U.S. Code Talking – Women Authors – We’ll Be Grillin’ & Chillin’ – “C-U” – In September

Barbra found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “In September” under the $600 clue. There were 8 clues left after it. She was in second place with $3,200, $1,000 less than Courtney’s lead. She bet $2,000 and thought it was the cherry blossom. That was WRONG.

On September 9 (not in spring) Japan observes Chyo No Sekku, a festival celebrating this flower.  show

Courtney finished in the lead with $3,000. Jim was second with $2,200 and Barbra was last with $1,600.

Round 2 Categories: Scary-Sounding Animals – Spell the First Name – Working with a Beatle – Battleships – Word Origins – Travel Ireland

Barbra found the first Daily Double in “Word Origins” under the $400 clue on the 10th pick. In third place with $2,800, she had $3,800 less than Courtney in second place. She bet $1,000 and thought it was a noun. That was WRONG.

The word for this part of speech is from the Latin for “word” show

Jim found the last Daily Double in “Battleships” under the $1,600 clue. He was in second place with $6,600 now, $3,200 less than Courtney’s lead. He bet $3,000 but did not have a guess so he was WRONG.

A classic Eisenstein film recounts the drama of a real naval mutiny aboard this Russian battleship. show

Courtney finished in the lead with $11,400. Barbra was next with $5,800 and Jim was in third place with $3,600.

Only ONE of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


Here are the links to the words “nova” (meaning new) and “villa” (meaning house) at

Villanova was in sports news this past April when they beat North Carolina at the 2016 NCAA Basketball Championship Game in Houston. Hey! We have sports news and Mark had that covered.

Jim wrote down “Notre Dame” (Our Lady) He lost his $2,777 bet and finished with $823.

Barbra had the same thing. That cost her $5,601. She had $199 left.

Courtney got it right. She bet $300 and won the match with $11,700. So Courtney Paulson is the new Jeopardy! champ and the one we will see in September. We’ve heard that Season 33 will kick off with the Teen Tournament, so if that’s correct, Courtney will be back in 8 weeks, not 6.

Final Jeopardy: Barbra Resnick, Jim Lebbos and Courtney Paulson

Triple stumpers from Women’s Authors:

($600) In “The Mill on the Floss,” she wrote “The happiest women, like the happiest nations, have no history”

($800) The 10th novel in Anne McCaffrey’s “Dragonriders” fantasy series is titled “The Renegades of” this planet

($1000) A towering tale of the Old West, “Cimarron” by this “Show Boat” author was the No. 1 book of 1930

2 years ago: ALL of the players got this FJ in “Awards & Honors” in the last match of the Season 30 Teen Tournament, also the last match of S30. It ended in a tie-breaker (the video is on the recap).

There were no winners for this award from 1939 through 1943; in 1944, it was won by the International Committee of the Red Cross. show

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21 Responses

  1. Marilyn Ahrenhoerster says:

    Many thanks, VJ. You are terrific!

  2. Lou says:

    I;ve been a fan of trivia game show for a long time and this season was simply the best. And I thank you VJ for all your hard work and contribution for what you do on here. I have to admit the daily doubles were tougher. But still congrats to Courtney. I really hope by the time the teen tournament starts, we might see a teen winning 100000 and a spot in the toc hopefully since the last few seasons they put the vwinning value at 75000

  3. rhonda says:

    Thanks for this wonderful site, VJ, and for all that you do for us.. You are always so gracious and kind, and always go out of your way to accommodate everyone. Hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer! Can’t wait until Jeopardy is back for another season!

  4. VJ says:

    Well, I was not expecting a single solve on this FJ and I must say, I wasn’t really expecting to see Notre Dame at all so good call on that, Mathwiz, and you were correct on the champ not winning a third game as well.

    I have to hurry out of here soon and won’t be able to get online after 7 pm so let me say thanks to everyone again, I appreciate y’all (as they say down here — LOL).

    Here is a link to 11 more clues from this game. Quite a bunch of generation gap clues, I guess.

    I got that patron saint of charities “In September” clue, though, because my 3rd grade teacher’s name was Sister ____ de Paul. I still remember that woman and how she gypped me in a nickel raffle.

    • Mathwiz100 says:

      Thanks, VJ.

    • Kaye says:

      Thanks VJ. I visit this website for every episode. I cannot wait for the next season to visit here again.

    • Cece says:

      VJ, you must’ve been hungry or something ’cause you hooked us up with some Skeleton shrimp facts. Now that we’ve learned all about it, may we have the 11 clues please? :):)

      • VJ says:

        Sorry didn’t realize that was on my clipboard. Hope this works

        It’s hard for me to type on my kindle!

        Anyway I wanted to mention that the curse of Potemkin struck again.

        • Cece says:

          Thanks, VJ. I only saw bits of the game here and there last night. After 2 weeks of not watching, I must admit the end of season episode felt kind of flat to me. Or maybe the board was a little hard?

          I did like Courtney’s demeanor, though and look forward to seeing her again in September.

          I missed the Potemkin clue—hope he and von Metternich didn’t get mixed up again, lol.

          Merci pour tout, t’es le meilleur!

        • Cece says:

          Now sober. :)

          I must’ve been on something on Friday (or a house full of people did it), and only yesterday realized I hadn’t finished reading the recap. Having missed many of the clues during the game (including the last 2 DD’s), I finally read the Potemkin DD (“…the curse of Potemkin struck again.”) It tripped me up, though I’d heard it before. Argh.

        • VJ says:

          @Cece, Sober now — LOL!! Funny that I looked on J-Archive to see what was going on with the Potemkin clues before the last 3 that no one got and it seems the players got them more oft than not before. The last one a player got was in 2014 and it was about this film.

  5. patty1930 says:

    I found this site during this season. Enjoyed every moment of checking in. Looking forward to the new season. Thank you.

  6. Mathwiz100 says:

    Now for the episode… (and I see that you also had thanks to give, VJ, though at least yours was …well, shorter.)

    About the Wrong Answers: On the one hand, 1/3 on FJ was not what I was expecting. On the other hand, I did expect Notre Dame to come up, because it’s the only other Latin-sounding college that would come to mind. The 0/3 on DDs was also unexpected, but the two wrong answers on the DDs were great answers. Actually, those DDs were harder than most of the FJs we’ve seen this month, in my opinion.

    Barbara losing… again, you can only be in 2nd place and win so many times (though if Barbara had been the only one to get FJ right…). Well done for Courtney in this lower-scoring match, though. Unfortunate that she has to wait so long to play now.

  7. jacob ska says:

    Notre Dame? Isn’t that French?

    Mathwiz, we enjoyed you too. You are a very smart person. It’s hard to top your intellect and wisdom. Love your analysis of each game which is topnotch. We needed you my friend.

    • Mathwiz100 says:

      Thanks, Jacob. I wouldn’t say it unless I meant it.

      As for Notre Dame… actually, that is French. Good catch. (The latin would be something along the lines of “domina nostra”)

  8. Mathwiz100 says:

    Normally this is the point where I would say something about tonight’s episode, but since this is the last episode of the season, and since people are not often shown the appreciation they deserve in life, I’d like to say a “few” words. (Bear with me.)

    Being a lover of trivia, a show like Jeopardy has always meant a lot to me, especially since it was my dad who first introduced me to the show. I’ve been watching Jeopardy for 5 1/2 years now, and there have been many great moments that have occurred during that time (i.e- the IBM Tournament, the Battle of the Decades, Julia Collin’s winning streak), but one is particularly relevant.

    Last October, my father and I were at a restaurant one night, and since we had missed FJ, I decided to try to look it up to see what had happened. (This happened to be during the famed Matt Jackson streak.) In doing so, I ended up finding this website. Upon finding it, I was amazed. Here was actually a place where you could keep up-to-date on Jeopardy whenever you missed an episode. Even better yet, people could come here and converse about the show, share their thoughts.

    So my thanks goes out to all of the great commenters of this website, especially the “regulars” (you know who you are). I always look in life for people who I can have an enjoyable and intelligent conversation with, and thanks to you, I have something to look forward to every weekday. The biggest thanks of all goes to, of course, VJ for all of the work she does, creating the well-written summaries and maintaining this site.

    ..and that’s it. 230 episodes have passed, and now we can all relax for 6 weeks (except me… still have some summer errands to finish). With the season over, though, I do have a question to ask everyone: Was there a game or player this season that was particularly memorable/enjoyable for you?

    • Mathwiz100 says:

      I’ll answer my own question first…
      If there is one moment that I cannot forget from Jeopardy this season, it has to be this one (you should recognize it, too):

      • Cece says:

        Thanks, Mathwiz! I loved this guy, so this was totally worth seeing again, even though I nearly had a heart attack when he did that. :)

        The runner upper for me was Matt Jackson’s reign of terror. I had a lot of fun then, some at his expense (though not maliciously).