Final Jeopardy: Landlocked Country Names

Today’s Final Jeopardy question (7/11/2017) in the category “Landlocked Country Names” was:

One in Europe & one in Africa, these 2 landlocked countries start with the same 2 letters & end with the same 4.

New champ Rich Blashka won $14,500 yesterday. In Game No. 2, he is up against these two players: Kelly Lasiter, from Granite City, IL; and Scott Simpson, from Reston, VA.

Round 1 Categories: Video Games – By Degrees – Also in the Shakespeare Play – We Mean Business – Zoologist’s Dictionary – Words That Should Rhyme

Kelly found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in the “Shakespeare” category under the $1,000 clue, with 2 whole categories still to go. She was in second place with $2,800, $2,000 less than Scott’s lead. She bet $2,000 and she was RIGHT.

Sir Robert Brakenbury, Lieutenant of the Tower. show

Scott finished in the lead with $6,200. Kelly was second with $5,000 and Rich was last with $4,600.

Round 2 Categories: Italian Composers – The Woman in the Movie – Cowboy Talk – File Under “OZ” – Shaka – When the Walls Fell

Rich found the first Daily Double in “OZ” under the $1,600 clue, with 11 clues, including another Daily Double, still to go. He was in second place with $9,000 at this point, $4,000 behind Scott’s lead. He bet $2,000 but mispronounced the answer so he was WRONG.

From the Greek for “ancient” and “animal”, this era of geologic time began about 540 million years ago. show

4 clues later, Scott found the last Daily Double in “Italian Composers” under the $1,200 clue. In the lead with $13,400, he had $3,200 more than Kelly in second place. He bet $3,600 and he was RIGHT.

Vincenzo Bellini was one of the main proponents of this operatic style whose name means “beautiful singing” show

Scott finished in the lead with $19,000. Kelly was next with $11,400 and Rich was in third place with $10,200. Before Alex read the Final Jeopardy clue, Scott got a reversal on a “Shaka” clue (see below) and his score rose to $21,400.

Only ONE of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


On an alphabetical list of landlocked countries, these two will come one right after the other. On a list of landlocked countries by continent, they won’t, but this list by continent shows you the countries that border all the landlocked countries.

Rich had Andorra and Angola. He lost his $10,000 bet, leaving him with $200.

Kelly got it right. She bet it all and that brought her up to $22,800.

Scott had Tanzania and Romania. He lost $1,401 and landed in second place with $19,999. So Kelly Lasiter is the new Jeopardy! champ.

Final Jeopardy (7/11/2017) Rich Blashka, Scott Simpson, Kelly Lasiter

Reversal: SHAKA ($1,200) Shaka is credited with revolutionizing army tactics by using a main force known as the chest and two horns that would circle around to the rear of the enemy in one of these maneuvers. – Scott’s response of “double envelopment” was accepted by the judges before FJ. Kelly also made $1,200 on the clue with “flanking maneuver”

A triple stumper from each round:

VIDEO GAMES ($1000) Retired fortune hunter Nathan Drake maps out a plan traveling the world in the 4th installment of this franchise

THE WOMAN IN THE MOVIE ($1000) She got an Oscar nomination for 1974’s “A Woman Under the Influence”

2 years ago: TWO of the players got this FJ in “Historic Americans”

The debate team at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire is named for this man who entered the Academy in 1796. show

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17 Responses

  1. VJ says:

    Oh, I almost forgot to post the link to the extra clues. It’s been quite a busy day!

    LINK 9 more clues from the match

  2. Lou says:

    I loved that video game category because I am a huge fan of halo games and uncharted. VJ, are any of your family members huge fans of football games for the Xbox or PlayStation? Or perhaps they like racing games?

    • VJ says:

      @Lou, yeah, there are a few video games fans in my family. My son and son-in-law are two of them. idk what games they play these days though. Years and years ago, I used to play Tetris and Q-Bert myself.

      • Lou says:

        Interesting, I love tetris a a little kid myself and also do you remember if this final Jeopardy category was used in a similar game in final where one or two contestants got it right? Also I remember that the answer of Helen Mirren was in a final jeopardy category in celebrities and Laurie Macdougal got it back in 2016.

        • VJ says:

          @Lou, no I don’t remember if this category was ever used for FJ before. But here’s something interesting. 4 years ago on July 11th, I wrote a post about Princess Sikhanyiso, the oldest daughter of the King of Swaziland,, about the song she wrote and sang for her father. What an odd coincidence.

  3. rhonda says:

    VJ, could you please tell me what the answer was to the Nicolas Cage question was? I didn’t hear the whole clue or the response. Thanks!

    • VJ says:

      Here it is Rhonda — BY DEGREES ($1000) To Francis Ford Copolla, nephew Nicholas Cage is in the third degree of this 13-letter word from the Latin for “blood”

      What is consanguinity? (Scott got it)

  4. Name says:

    Did you guys catch what the video game category was? Be curious to know what games they featured. The all-star game coverage overlapped jeopardy for me in my neck of the woods.

    • VJ says:

      Here were the first 4 clues. Kelly got the $200 one and Scott got the rest:

      ($200) Glitches in this “NFL 17” had a kick returner catching the ball at his own 2, stepping back into his own end zone & scoring a TD

      ($400) The Wasteland is the result of nuclear war; exit one of these title shelters & rebuild in the 4th edition

      ($600) This techno thriller novelist died in 2013 but with the SHD agents in “The Division”, he lives on

      ($800) Master Chief & Spartan Locke are your to commance in this “5: Guardians”

      No one got the $1000 clue — it’s at the bottom of the recap between the image and the 2-years ago clue

      • Name says:

        Cool thanks guys. Had to ask about that don’t normally have categories involving video games that’s pretty cool hopefully I can check out a rerun sometime down the line.

    • TR says:

      Halo, Fallout, Uncharted, Madden, and Tom Clancy’s The Division (they wanted Clancy’s name)

  5. aaaa says:

    If Scott’s response had been accepted in the $1200 Shaka clue immediately, Kelly would not have won the game as Scott would have had a lock going into FJ! I don’t suppose Scott would be invited back for another show if he tried to make a case that he was blown out of $20K because of that call.

  6. Cyril Morong says:

    “Shaka, When the Walls Fell” is a phrase from a Star Trek episode LINK

    • Richard says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed. Makes me wonder who came up with the category names.

      • Cyril Morong says:

        Right. Alex never said why they did that. Were they just looking to see if anyone Star Trek fans were watching? Must be at least one Trek fan working for them