Final Jeopardy: Sports & Politics

Today’s Final Jeopardy question (6/21/2017) in the category “Sports & Politics” was:

After moving to Johannesburg in 1903, he formed the Passive Resisters Soccer Club.

3x champ Peter Guekguezian has now won $44,800. In Game 4, he takes on these players: Lisa Evans, from Easthampton, MA; and Matt Sokol, from The Woodlands, TX.

Round 1 Categories: We’ve Got Mommy Issues – Literary Hodgepodge – Celebrations of the Month – Lincoln Quotes – Double Letter Fun – Pub Trivia

Peter found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Celebrations of the Month” under the $800 clue on the 14th pick of the round. He was in the lead with $4,600, $2,600 more than Matt in second place. He made it a true Daily Double and he was RIGHT.

National Nurses Day and Star Wars Day. show

Peter finished in the lead with $9,200. Lisa was second with $4,600 and Matt was last with $3,600.

Round 2 Categories: Around the Adriatic – Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – Historical Fiction – Anthropology – A Category of Few Words – State Tree-via

Lisa found the first Daily Double in “Around the Adriatic” under the $800 clue on the 6th pick. She was in second place with $6,200 now, $4,200 behind Peter’s lead. She bet $1,000 and guessed Trieste. That was WRONG.

Italy has the longest coast on the Adriatic from the Strait of Otranto, north to this Gulf named for a coastal city. show

Lisa found the last Daily Double in “Historical Fiction” under the $1,600 clue, with 13 clues left after it. In second place with $12,000, she had $4,400 less than Peter’s lead. She bet $2,000 and she was RIGHT.

“Gates of Fire” is an epic novel of this epic battle of Ancient Greece. show

Lisa finished in the lead with $21,600. Peter was next with $17,200 and Matt was in third place with $1,200.

TWO of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


Footysphere has a picture of Gandhi with members of two of the soccer clubs he founded. The caption reads in part: “It’s a little known part of Gandhi’s life but whilst he was in South Africa he founded three football clubs as part of his work to raise awareness of equal rights and take his movement of non-violent resistance to the people.” For more in-depth information on this period in Gandhi’s life, see “Mahatma Gandhi, football legend” on

Matt drew a blank. He lost everything but $100.

Peter got it right. He bet $14,899 for a $32,099 finish.

Lisa also got it right. Her $12,801 bet brought her up to $34,401 and made her the new Jeopardy! champ.

Final Jeopardy (6/21/2017) Peter Guekguezian, Matt Sokol, Lisa Evans

A triple stumper from each round

LITERARY HODGEPODGE ($600) This Henry Fielding hero, “One of the handsomest young fellows in the world”, shares the name of a sex symbol singer

STATE TREE-VIA ($2000) The name of this state tree of Arizona is Spanish for “green stick”, referring to its green bark and branches

2 years ago: ALL of the players got this FJ in “World Leaders in the News”

In 2014, CNN declared Zambia’s Guy Scott the first white president in sub-Saharan Africa since this man in 1994. show

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4 Responses

  1. Lou says:

    Well Peter had a great run and played well to catch up to Lisa. Let’s see if she can keep it up tomorrow and hope to get a big payday, right VJ? Rest in peace to both ghandis from India.

  2. VJ says:

    Congrats to Jacob on the correct prediction. That was a pretty good match. Very low triple stumper count. Great catch up and takeover by Lisa!

    LINK: 11 more clues from this match

  3. Dalton Higbee says:

    I was a bit surprised when Peter lost today.