Final Jeopardy: Books & Authors

Today’s Final Jeopardy question (6/14/2017) in the category “Books & Authors” was:

His first novel, from 1920, incorporated some of his pieces from the Nassau, a Princeton literary magazine.

3x champ Tucker Dunn brought his winnings up to $39,999 yesterday. In his 4th game, his opponents are: Phil Ricciardi, from North Wales, PA; and Rebecca Arm, from Herndon, VA.

Note: The online Clue of the Day began with “This first novel” but the clue in the game actually said “His first novel.” That will probably be fixed later, but it did lead to some confusion on Spoiler Talk on whether they wanted the book or the author.

Round 1 Categories: 1817 – Styles of Country Music – The Armed Forces – Design & Architecture – Classic Children’s Books – Ends in “Y”

Becca found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Armed Forces” under the $1,000 clue. There was only one $200 clue left after it in “Country Music.” She was in the lead with $7,000, $800 more than Phil in second place. She bet $2,000 and she was RIGHT.

The patrols of this service’s 7th District cover South Carolina & most of Florida & Georgia. show

Becca finished in the lead with $9,000. Phil was second with $6,200 and Tucker was last with $3,200.

Round 2 Categories: College Hijinks – Biblical Pairs – Similes – Entertaining Fruits & Vegetables – Science – “Stan” by

Phil found the first Daily Double in “Biblical Pairs” under the $800 clue on the 7th pick. He was in the lead with $9,800 at this point, $1,200 more than Becca in second place. He bet $2,500 and thought it was Cain & Abel. That was WRONG.

They were told “Dust thou art and unto dust shalt though return” show

Becca found the last Daily Double in “Science” under the $1,200 clue, with 2 more clues (worth $3,600) after it. In the lead with $18,200, she had $1,300 more than Phil in second place. She bet $2,000 and she was RIGHT.

Recent cognitive research indicates bilingual speakers retain more brain function following this medical event. show

Becca finished in the lead with $22,200. Phil was next with $16,900 and Tucker was in third place with $5,200.

TWO of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


“Fitzgerald began writing This Side of Paradise at Princeton, continued in November 1917 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, with the working title “The Romantic Egoist,” and completed a first draft at Cottage Club in March 1918. After this draft had been twice rejected by the distinguished New York publisher Charles Scribner’s Sons, Fitzgerald returned to his parents’ home at 599 Summit Avenue in his native St. Paul, Minnesota, and added five new chapters to the four he had written the previous year. He changed the second title of the novel from “The Education of a Personage” to “This Side of Paradise” and sent the novel to Maxwell Perkins at Scribner’s. The publisher accepted the novel on September 16, 1919, and published it on March 26, 1920.” (Fitzgerald’s Princeton Novel Goes Online)

Tucker wrote down Arnold Toynbee. He lost his $311 bet and finished with $4,899.

Phil got it right. His $16,500 bet brought him up to $33,400.

Becca got it right, too. She only bet $5,300 so she landed in second place with $27,500, annnnddd….. Phil Ricciardi is the new Jeopardy! champ. We just didn’t see that happening so soon after Bala Kumar’s June 8th game, and from the looks of it, neither did Phil!

Final Jeopardy (6/14/2017) Tucker Dunn, Becca Arm, Phil Ricciardi

A triple stumper from each round:

SIMILES ($1200) It’s “hot as” or even “blue” these flames

SCIENCE ($1600) When an electron & a positron meet & both disappear, it’s not eradication or obilteration but this term

2 years ago: ALL of the players got this FJ in “The Oscars”

In her 30s, this Texan was up for Best Actress in 2002 and 2003; she won Best Supporting in 2004 in a Civil War drama. show

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14 Responses

  1. Robert Anderson says:

    I question “stroke” as medical event. That generally means something related to a medical procedure or treatment.

  2. Becci Boyd says:

    Becca? Is that what she wrote as her name? Or did you just truncate it?

    • VJ says:

      That’s how she was introduced by Johnny Gilbert and what she wrote down for her own name (you can see that for yourself on the Who Won post). I thought I heard Alex call her “Rebecca” at least once– I think it was before she made her DD bet in the second round.

  3. Lou says:

    well Tucker had a good game run, too bad he missed too many final jeopardy questions but stil lets see how well phil will do in tomorrow’s game. Also, VJ/ what books do you remember reading back in grade school by F Scott Fitzgerald?

    • VJ says:

      I wasn’t reading any Fitzgerald books in grade school, Lou. In fact, I don’t even remember what our reading assignments were in grade school but, on my own time, I liked reading biographies, particularly saints, like Joan of Arc.

      That reminds me that the $200 clue in Biblical Pairs was wrong about who the angel was talking to. “Fear not… I bring you good tidings” is what the angel said to a group of shepherds when Jesus was born. The angel told the shepherds where to go to see the baby wrapped in swaddling clothes in a manger.

      • Lou says:

        Agreed, trebek should have told the writers about that clue and make the corrections before the clue can be revealed. Still no reversals are used today

        • VJ says:

          Nah, it’s not part of Trebek’s job to make sure the clues are correct. As the host, though, he has had to say something about it when it’s a big deal. It was a big deal when it happened on June 11, 2012, because the bible clue they messed up that time was the Final Jeopardy! clue.

          LINK: 12 more clues from this match

  4. Dalton Higbee says:

    Becca finished the first round with $9,000.

  5. Richard Corliss says:

    Aww, so much for that wager. :(

  6. rhonda says:

    Glad that it actually turned out to be “his” first novel instead of “this” first novel, as I knew which author it was but would have gotten the title wrong.

  7. Dalton Higbee says:

    Wow! BIG paydays recently on Jeopardy!