Final Jeopardy: TV Characters

The Final Jeopardy question (3/10/2017) in the category “TV Characters” was:

Oxford Dictionaries lists his name as a verb meaning to “make or repair (an object) in an improvised or inventive way”.

2x champ Annie Marggraf scored a big payday yesterday and that brought her winnings up to won $51,200. Today, she is up against these two players: Jessica Johnston, from Pasadena, CA; and Adam Lapetina, from Brooklyn, NY.

Round 1 Categories: Tell Them What They’ve Won, Johnny! – 2 Tickets to Paraguay – 6 Plays – 5 Knights – “Air” Included – & a New Car!

Annie found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “5 Knights” under the $400 clue with only 2 clues left after it. She was in the lead with $6,200, $1,800 more than Jessica in second place. She made it a true Daily Double and she was RIGHT.

Freedom isn’t free! On Aug. 23, 1305 this Scot’s day included hanging & disembowelment. show

Annie finished in the lead with $12,400. Jessica was second with $2,400 and Adam was last with $2,200.

Round 2 Categories: Let’s Hit the Gymnosperm – Elections – Sir Walter Scott & His Works – Her Hit Album – Death Sentences – 12 Letters or More

Adam found the first Daily Double in “12 Letters & More” under the $1,600 clue. There were 8 clues left after it. He was in third place with $7,800 at this point, $8,600 less than Annie’s lead. He bet $2,000 and took a guess with Tennessean. That was WRONG.

William Faulkner, Medgar Evers or B.B. King by birth state. show

Jessica found the last Daily Double in “Sir Walter Scott” under the $800 clue, with only 2 clues left after it. In second place with $10,400, she had $9,200 less than Annie’s lead. She bet $2,000 and she was RIGHT.

Sir Walter Scott was honored in 1844 with the completion of a 200-foot monument in this city. show

Annie finished in the lead with $19,600. Jessica was next with $12,400 and Adam was in third place with $5,800.

TWO of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


When Oxford Dictionaries added “MacGyver” to its dictionary back in 2015, the NY Post wondered “What took so long,” noting the show’s original run (1985 -1992) and “the ingenious ability of mullet-headed secret agent Angus MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) to find his way out of a jam using everyday objects — defusing a bomb with a paper clip, using binoculars to deflect a laser beam, etc.”

Slippery Words: EricS sent over this fun Merriam-Webster Quiz on words that have changed meanings over time. Try it out

Adam got it right. He bet it all and doubled his score to $11,600.

Jessica also got it. She bet $8,000, putting her in the lead with $20,400.

Annie didn’t have a response. She lost $11,401 and landed in third place with $8,199. So Jessica is the new Jeopardy! champ. She’ll be back on Monday.

Final Jeopardy (3/10/2017) Annie Marggraf, Adam Lapetina, Jessica Johnston

A triple stumper from each round:

“AIR” INCLUDED ($200) Got a couple of 7s & twin jacks? You’re holding this poker hand

HER HIT ALBUM ($2000) featuring “Leather and Lace”: “Bella Donna” (1981)

2 years ago: TWO of the players got this FJ in “Historical U.S. Geography”

It became a border territory in 1864 after being part of the Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nebraska and Dakota territories. show

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12 Responses

  1. mimsy says:

    I didn’t see that coming. I’ll make a toast to Annie when I try that Queen of Spades cocktail.

  2. Dalton Higbee says:

    I am speechless. I thought Annie was going to win, and we have YET to have a correct FJ response on Fridays by the leader.

    • William Weyser says:

      And Annie pulled a Cliff Clavin by allowing an eliminated player in Adam back into contention.

      • William Weyser says:

        What I mean by that is the difference between Annie & Jessica is $7,200, which is more than what Adam has. Since Adam has less than the difference between Annie & Jessica. Adam can’t win assuming that Annie wagers appropriately. If Jessica doubles up, she’ll have $24,800, so Annie needs to wager $5,201. If Annie is wrong with that wager, she’ll be left with $19,199, and the most that Adam can get to is $11,600, so he’s out, and the most that Annie can wager, so as to stay above Adam no matter what he does, is $7,999. If Annie wagers more than that, which she did, than unfortunately that’s called ”Pulling A Cliff Clavin”, because she woke Adam up from the dead, meaning that she allowed Adam back into contention. Annie, you can’t do that!

  3. rhonda says:

    VJ, do you know what the $600 clue in the Air category was? Miss Naughty was barking again lol.

    • VJ says:

      Here it is, Rhonda: “Recticle is the technical name for this part of intersecting lines in a firearm scope”

      It’s supposed to be reticle but that didn’t stop Annie from getting it

    • VJ says:

      P.S. I found some interesting articles for the extra clues. You’ll like the one about the doggie. The one about the 19th President is pretty good, too. :)

      LINK: 8 more clues from this match

      • rhonda says:

        Thanks for the interesting articles, too, VJ. I knew the doggie breed but had no idea it got its name from a fictional character.

        • VJ says:

          Good work on that clue, Rhonda. I had a very dim memory of hearing the name before but couldn’t remember the second word.

  4. VJ says:

    Jessica broke Annie’s lock on that game 2 clues before she got her Daily Double.

    My mom was a huge General Hospital fan. Before he was MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson played Dr. Jeff Webber on that soap. He shot himself in the head and lived. I don’t know if MacGyver ever topped that feat. lol

    • Kevin says:

      Sure he did. In fact, after he shot himself, he removed the bullet using a playing card, a spool, some pocket lint, and a blob of candle wax. Unless I’m thinking of a different show. Maybe “Junkyard Wars”?