Final Jeopardy: Art History

The Final Jeopardy question (11/5/2015) in the category “Art History” was:

Although it’s a statue of a giant’s foe, an observer who saw its 1504 unveiling called it “the marble giant”.

New champ Sam Stubblefield won $27,601 for himself yesterday, a very nice haul. Today he will get the chance to add to it. He just has to beat these two players: Ken Hill, from Mauldin, SC; and Mike Barrett, from Medford, MA.

Round 1: Ken found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Pop Culture from Bartlett’s” under the $400 clue on the second pick of the round. He had a hot $200 and no one else had a penny. Of course, he bet the $1,000 allowance and he was RIGHT.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone get credit for “Oh my God” followed by this 3-word catchphrase. show

Mike finished in the lead with $6,200. Sam was second with $5,400 and Ken was last with $2,200.

Round 2: Mike found the first Daily Double in “Gothic Literature” under the $800 clue. He was in the lead with $7,000, $1,600 more than Sam in second place. He bet $3,000 and took a wild guess with Bram Stoker. That was WRONG.

Lady Caroline Lamb featured a version of this ex-lover in her gothic novel “Glenarvon”, calling him Ruthven. show

Sam found the last Daily Double in “Lunar Sea” under the $2,000 clue. He was now in the lead with $10,200, $2,600 more than Mike in second place. He bet $3,400, and took a guess with Galileo. That was WRONG.

A current off the west coast of South America on earth & a sea on the moon share this man’s name. show

Mike finished in the lead with $15,600. Sam was next with $10,400 and Ken was in third place with $7,800.

ALL of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


The description comes from the diary of Luca Landucci: “On the 14th of May 1504, the marble Giant was taken from the Opera. It came out at 24 o’clock, and they broke the wall above the gateway enough to let it pass…. It took four days to reach the Piazza, arriving on the 18th at the hour of 12…. The said Giant was the work of Michelangelo Buonarroti.”

Read the full description (searching on “the marble Giant”) in Project Gutenberg’s ebook “The Life of Michelangelo” by John Addington Symonds.

Ken bet $7,799 bet and finished with $15,599.

Sam bet $10,241. That brought him up to $20,641.

Mike bet $5,201 so he won the match with $20,801 and he will be the champ in the last match before this year’s Tournament of Champions begins next week.

Mike Barrett is a cashier and writer. During the chat he talked about how he thought Alex Trebek was the man on the penny when he was a kid. He said he thought Trebek was the most important person in the world, then quickly added “I still do.”

2 years ago:: NONE of the players got this FJ in “Literary Influences”:

The “Gossip Girl” series was inspired by this Pulitzer Prize winning novel, also set in NYC but 120 years earlier. show

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5 Responses

  1. aaaa says:

    It was a two-thirds game where Sam could have won on a triple stumper by betting zero. Another oddity is third place having exactly half as much as the leader and second place having exactly 2/3 as much as the leader going into FJ!. 42/59 here.

  2. JEOPARDY says:

    this was an easy fj today.

    Before looking.. They all should get it right.

  3. jacob ska says:

    @vj, were you surprised at the ts on Edward VIII? I always thought his abdication to be with Wallis Simpson in 1936 was common knowledge in trivia. I wonder if the clue contained her name if they would have gotten it. We’ll never know.

    My feelings weren’t hurt too bad over the Queens borough ts in New York though.

    • VJ says:

      Yes, I was surprised at Edward VIII, but I was just freakin’ amazed that none of them knew Vermont was the 14th state. I thought that was common knowledge period, (but I also thought that it was common knowledge that Rhode Island was one of the original 13 LOL!)

      That and Mike’s revelation that he thought Trebek was the most important person in the world when he was a kid reminded me of the Henry Hudson FJ fail. When I was a kid, I thought he was the most important person ever because everything from NJ to VT was named after him.

      PS – my feelings weren’t hurt at all over the Lord Byron miss. :):)

  4. Leena says:

    I didn’t know at first, but when I saw the actual response, I TOTALLY understood (Duh, Goliath.)!