Final Jeopardy: The First Century A.D.

Today’s Final Jeopardy question (1/9/2018) in the category “The First Century A.D.” was:

Letters written by this Roman recount the events of a natural disaster, like the death of his uncle, a famous scholar.

2x champ Brandon Brooks has now won $27,401. In his third game, his challengers are: Matt Brannagan, from Bowie, MD; and Lindsay Resnick, from Atlanta, GA.

Round 1 Categories: What “A” Country? – Shoes – Totally ’80s Words! – Pop Culture Villains – Bugs Meanie – Lax Luther

Brandon found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Bug Meanie” under the $400 clue, with 11 clues to go after it. He was in third place with $1,200, $1,000 less than Matt’s lead. He made it a true Daily Double and he was RIGHT.

If an Africanized colony of these is disturbed & in a bad mood, you may meet 10,000 of them in 15 seconds. show

Brandon finished in the lead with $4,000. Lindsay was second with $3,400 and Matt was last with $2,200.

Round 2 Categories: A Bounty of Bahnen – The Donald – Musical Guest Performers – A Bit of Lit – Iowa History – What in Tarnation?

Lindsay found the first Daily Double in “What in Tarnation?” under the $2,000 clue, with 10 clues left after it. She was in the lead with $9,000 at this point, $200 more than Brandon in second place. She bet $2,000 and said she didn’t know so that was WRONG.

Named for a son of Poseidon, it’s Neptune’s largest moon. show

They only got to 7 of those remaining clues and the last Daily Double went unplayed. It was in “A Bit of Lit” and worth $1,200, $1,600 or $2,000.

Brandon finished in the lead with $9,600. Lindsay was next with $7,000 and Matt was in third place with $2,600.

TWO of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


“Pliny the Younger lived from 61 AD to 112 AD and his letters to Cornelius Tacitus are the most famous report of the Mt. Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD. Pliny, who was only seventeen at the time of the eruption, was living with his mother and his uncle in the north of the Bay of Naples. Tacitus had written to Pliny requesting a report of his uncle, Pliny the Elder’s death. ” (Pliny the Younger: An Eye Witness to History)

Matt crossed something out and went with just Pliny. It was apparently predetermined that would be acceptable. He bet it all and finished with $5,200.

Lindsay also had Pliny. Her $3,001 bet brought her up to $10,001.

Brandon had Socrates. He lost his $4,401 bet so he wound up in third place with $5,199, and Lindsay Resnick became the new Jeopardy! champ.

Final Jeopardy (1/9/2018) Brandon Brooks, Lindsay Resnick, Matt Brannagan

A triple stumper from each round:

POP CULTURE VILLAINS ($800) Calvin Candie in this movie was the first villain Quentin Tarantino said he’d written that he hated

MUSICAL GUEST PERFORMERS ($2000) Guests of this group whose name is a colorful cocktail include the Von Trapps, Carol Channing & Mamie Van Doren

2 years ago: TWO of the players got this FJ in “Hymns”

Slave trader turned minister John Newton wrote this hymn that 1st appeared in 1779 as “Faith’s Review and Expectation” show

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9 Responses

  1. TaiwanBill says:

    The young Pliny was the Herbert Morrison of his day. If only we had Pliny’s missing letters. We are still looking for them. Oh “What a Night” he had, actually a couple of them.

  2. Lynn says:

    I have seen contestants fail an answer to a question on jeopardy because they didn’t form the answer as “what is” or “who is ” yet I saw your last winner win the game and he barely ever answered properly.

  3. Richard Corliss says:

    I am so sick of that Time’s Up signal.

  4. Lou says:

    Pliny the younger,interesting. But Socrates wasn’t a bad guess although was he born way before or after the eruption of Vesuvius, VJ? Good attempt by Brandon though since we would have him win again if he went for pliny. We were wondering what sort of job pliny the younger would have had though after that volcano disaster?

    • VJ says:

      We would have seen that last DD today if Brandon hadn’t switched out of the Lit category to go to that Bahnen one and idk why in the world he not only did that, he went to the top of the other one.

      @Lou, Socrates lived long before either Pliny. Moreover, he was Greek, not Roman.

      LINK: 11 more clues from the match

      • Cece says:

        Agree, “…to go to that Bahnen one…” of which he didn’t answer any clue. “Moreover, he was Greek, not Roman.” And he was BC, not AD. Sorry, I found that game irritating. :)

        Happy New Year, VJ.

        • VJ says:

          Happy New Year, Cece! Yeah, you know I was upset. It’s funny that you said Brandon didn’t answer any of those Bahnen clues. I forgot he gave his last correct response in the “Lit” category.

          I got that last German clue because my mother would say “mach schnell” when we were kids, even though she was Irish. My father would say “tout de suite” and we knew they both meant “make it snappy.” lol

        • Cece says:

          I got a chuckle out of Richard’s “time is up signal” remark. I wonder if he meant he hates clues left on the board. I know I do.

        • VJ says:

          That’s what I thought he meant. Maybe if they stop making people answer in the form of a question, we can finish the boards. LMAO!!!!!! (ducks)

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