Final Jeopardy: U.S. History

The Final Jeopardy question (1/18/2017) in the category “U.S. History” was:

On Dec. 7, 1787 30 delegates at Battell’s Tavern gathered & made history in what’s now this state capital.

2x champ John Avila has won $38,201 in 2 games. Today he goes for a third win against these two players: Sherri Cohen, from Brooklyn, NY; and Aaron Ellis, from Whitestown, IN.

Round 1 Categories: American Authors – 4-Letter Edibles – Classic Disney Title Characters – Foreign Words & Phrases – In the Footsteps of History – The Big 3-0

Sherri found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Footsteps of History” under the $1,000 clue, with 5 clues left after it. She was in the lead with $4,400, $1,800 more than both John and Aaron, tied in second place. She bet $2,500 but could not come up with a guess so she was WRONG.

Retracing this 1930s journey will take you thousands of miles from Ruijin to Yan’an. show

John finished in the lead with $4,400. Aaron was second with $2,600 and Sherri was last with $1,900.

Round 2 Categories: This Land Is My Land – Shellfish – Sports Nicknames – Biographies – Ceramics – Y_O_Y

Aaron found the first Daily Double in “Sports Nicknames” under the $1,200 clue on the 4th pick. He was in second place with $3,400 at this point, $2,200 less than John’s lead. He bet $3,000 and he was RIGHT.

In a 1972 AFC playoff game Franco Harris made the winning TD with a “divine” shoestring catch dubbed this. show

Aaron found the last Daily Double in “Ceramics” under the $1,600 clue. Only one clue was left after it. In the lead with $15,600, he had $800 more than John in second place. He bet $2,000 but drew a blank so he was WRONG.

This tin-glazed earthenware named for a city just southeast of The Hague was first made in the 17th century. show

John finished in the lead with $14,800. Aaron was next with $13,600 and Sherri was in third place with $700.

NONE of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


Constitution Daily has a list of the 30 Delaware delegates who were the first to ratify the U.S. Constitution on December 7, 1787, in a unanimous vote, at Bartell’s Tavern, aka The Golden Fleece, in Dover. According to Delmarva Almanac’s account: “The delegates were so excited about their accomplishment they hurried off to spread the news– skipping out on their bill for food and lodging.”

December 7th has officially been “Delaware Day” since 1933. “The First State” has been Delaware’s official nickname since 2002.

Sherri didn’t quite get all of Massachusetts out. She lost her $501 bet and had $199 left.

Aaron went with Albany but crossed it out in favor of New York. He lost $12,000 and finished with $1,600.

John was the only one to pick a state capital, but Annapolis was the wrong one. He lost his $12,401 bet but still won the match with the $2,399 he had left. His 3-day total is $40,600.

Final Jeopardy (1/18/2017) John Avila, Aaron Ellis, Sherri Cohen

A triple stumper from each round

4-LETTER EDIBLES ($800) Shoepeg is a white variety of this

BIOGRAPHIES ($2000) If you didn’t read John McCormick’s 1987 biography on this philosopher, you may be condemned to repeat it

2 years ago: TWO of the players got this FJ in “Fiction”

A line in this short story is “slowly, awkwardly trying out his feelers, which he now first learned to appreciate…” show

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28 Responses

  1. jacob ska says:

    Perhaps I’m missing something but I never heard of the tavern in the clue. However, the date December 7, 1787 is very visible on the Delaware flag which leads one to Dover (the capital city). This was a fair fj clue imo.

  2. Harris Stutman says:

    I thought the FJ was great. Needed to figure out what happened in US in 1787 (Constitution) then what was special about a state capital (like the first state to ratify?) then which state was the first, then what is that state’s capital. Maybe I’m biased because I worked it through (Delaware’s nickname is a big help, of course) but that was the best FJ in a while!!

    • VJ says:

      Hi Harris, I do have a little quibble with the clue for saying “what is now this state capital” when Dover was Delaware’s state capital in 1787.

      Maybe that’s what led John to pick Albany (New York, NY was the state capital til 1797). He did quite well in yesterday’s Constitution category.

      • jacob ska says:

        VJ, John wrote Annapolis. Aaron wrote Albany then crossed it out & wrote NY. Weird.

        • VJ says:

          Okay, you’re right. Then I must amend my comment to say maybe that’s what led John to pick Annapolis (sheepish grin)

  3. aaaa says:

    $8000 in triple stumpers gotten, 2 missed DD’s and FJ!

  4. aaaa says:

    47/61 here

  5. Jasper says:

    I hate to break it to you but Albany is a capital

  6. Lou says:

    Well, I had a feeling this would happen but still not bad guesses. But still though if this keeps up I am hoping to see John bet 0 to keep winning because I think his playing strategy is like Seth Wilson. Don;t you agree VJ? Also I just hope that Tim Aten and Justin Bender don’t end up making the same mistakes in FJ during the tournament of champions later on

    • Dalton Higbee says:

      Not even sure if Justin Bender will be in the ToC.

      • Lou says:

        He won 4 games though, that makes him qualify for it. 62000 dollars in 4 days. The rule of the Toc means that if you win 3 games with 90000 or 4 games with 100000 or more you wil be in the toc.

  7. VJ says:

    Well, Aaron didn’t have the luck John had the other day. Giving up his lead on that last DD cost Aaron this one.

    There was a $200 video clue in “Official State Stuff” on 6/3/2013, where they used the Golden Fleece name: (Sarah of the Clue Crew) I’m at the site of the Golden Fleece Tavern, where, on December 7, 1787, delegates voted unanimously to ratify the U.S. Constitution, earning this state its official nickname, “The First State”

    That last phrase is probably why it was a $200 clue. 😉

    LINK 13 more clues from this match (including the Disney characters category, because I got a kick out of the $800 clue)

    • EricS says:

      What cost Aaron the game was his horrible bet on FJ.

      • VJ says:

        Hmmm, I thought that if he bet $500 or less on that DD, he would have made a different bet in FJ.

        • EricS says:

          Actually, losing the lead (which is generally ill-advised) is what gave him the chance to win on the ts (really just on the miss from the leader). With a third player basically eliminated, the player in 2nd would want to leave an amount one dollar over double the difference between them and the leader. Then, if the leader were to bet (as is convention) to cover the double-up, the player in second would win if the leader misses.

      • VJ says:

        PS – I only said “Delft” on that DD and I have no idea if that would have been good enough

        • Marilyn Ahrenhoerster says:

          I said Delft china. I don’t know if they would accept that.

        • VJ says:

          I think they would take Delft china for sure, Marilyn.

        • rhonda says:

          I said Delfenware, I bet that would not have been accepted.

        • VJ says:

          Imagining it was just a regular clue and all 3 of us were the contestants:

          VJ: What is Delft?
          Alex: We need a little more
          VJ: uh, uh….
          Alex: Sorry, too much time. Rhonda or Marilyn?
          Rhonda: What is Delfenware?
          Alex: Nope
          Marilyn: What is Delft china?
          Alex: We’ll accept that. Delftware. Delftware, pottery or china, also called Delft Blue. Very famous.


        • rhonda says:

          LOL, VJ!! I can even hear Alex saying that!!

        • VJ says:

          me too, Rhonda. though I should have put (annoying pause) before he accepted Marilyn’s answer

  8. jacob ska says:

    Oh stop! 2 contestants wrote the name of states when the fj clue explicitly wanted a city name. I give up.

    Annapolis is only one year later (1788). Not too bad a guess. Contestants blew my prediction to the wind on this fj clue.

  9. Dalton Higbee says:

    And that breaks the record set back in 2002. Do hope we get a correct response tomorrow!