Empire: Angelo and the Hot Mic

Angelo DuBois went on an epic rant in “Love is a Smoke,” the 14th episode of Empire Season 3 (4-26-17).

All throughout the episode, you knew a marriage proposal would be forthcoming from Angelo and you sensed that Cookie was unsure about it, maybe getting cold feet. It was normal for her to ask for her sons’ support for sure, but she checked with Lucious first to make sure he was going to “fall back” and not try to ruin things. Since Lucious is carrying on with Giuliana now (unbeknownst to Cookie at that point), he was all oh, fine.

Angelo got the idea to make a grand gesture to impress Cookie from Jamal who was already calling him “stepdaddy.” Angelo proposed to her on live TV and didn’t even notice that Cookie wasn’t fluttering and gushing! Backstage, Cookie said it was all happening too fast. She said she’s been trying to “right her past” by being with a man like him after being with Lucious killed her father. Angelo’s jealousy rose to the surface immediately: “I should’ve known this was about his ass. You’re still in love with him.”

Cookie sure picked the wrong time to come clean about that kiss with Lucious. Everything was caught on the hot mic and eyes were popping out in the TV studio, listening to this:

COOKIE: We kissed. It was just a kiss. One time. And I have been trying to tell you.

Taye Diggs as Angelo Dubois on Empire

All of y’all are garbage!

ANGELO: No. Okay, wait, now shh! I compromised my integrity. I compromised the integrity of my campaign over and over for you! I got that Freda what’s-her-face out of jail for Jamal! Fraudulently, Cookie! I broke the law for your ass! The, the illegal handgun! Th-The parole violation! I did all of that for you, Cookie! And now you’re gonna tell me that you still have feelings for that greasy…
DIANA DUBOIS: Hot mic, baby, hot mic.
ANGELO: My mama was right. Your whole family is poison. All of y’all are garbage. Every last one of y’all.

It’s all good, baby boy. Mama’s taking charge now.

DIANA DUBOIS: Angelo. Angelo, it’s okay. It’s gonna be all right.
ANGELO: Mama, how is everything gonna be all right?
DIANA DUBOIS: I’m taking charge now. And I will not rest until I see the Lyons groveling in the dirt, begging for a merciful death. They messed with the wrong clan.

That was just a crazy scene and just about the best one this season, in our opinion. Now, c’mon, you knew that Cookie wasn’t really going to marry Angelo, right? Just like you knew that Tariq wasn’t going to take Lucious down. And we’re sure that Diana Dubois will croak before she makes the Lyons grovel in the dirt, but it will be a lot of fun to watch her try!

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