Clue Watch: You Probably Think This Song Is About You

That was the name of a category on Jeopardy! today (Monday, January 9, 2017), and no one could have been more surprised than me because I was actually looking at this category last week on J-Archive when I came across two instances of it. Somehow it slipped my mind over the weekend and I used a different category for Monday’s 10 clues in Spoiler Talk.

Let’s look at today’s clues first:

($200) In 2007 he said that “Sweet Caroline” was inspired by a photo of a young Caroline Kennedy

There was a 1962 novelty song about Caroline Kennedy that was very popular when I was just a kid myself called “My Daddy is President” that I posted almost 6 years ago. This trivia item is mentioned in the post.

($400) “Bessie (with the Laughing Face)” was rewritten as “Nancy (with the Laughing Face)” for the daughter of this crooner

($600) Paul McCartney wrote “Hey Jude” to comfort this child whose parents were then divorcing

($800) He wrote “Cry Me a River” about Britney Spears, whose song “Everytime” is a reply to him

($1000) Steven Tyler went gaga for a beautiful blonde who turned out to be Vince Neil of Motley Cure; thus this song was born

Answers in case you missed the match and don’t want to see the video: show

These clues are from the 12/09/2013 match
$200: The Knack’s biggest hit was about “My” girl named this; she went on to be a successful L.A. realtor
$400: Eric Clapton’s song about this woman who’s “got me on my knees” was for a Beatle’s wife, Pattie Boyd
$600: “Full House” star Dave Coulier is said to be the target… uh, inspiration… for “You Oughta Know” by this songstress
$800: The light, the heat… this singer reportedly wrote “In Your Eyes” for girlfriend Rosanna Arquette
$1000: This band wasn’t in Kansas anymore in coming up with “Rosanna” for Ms. Arquette

Answers: show

And these are from the 6/17/2008 match
$400: “Hey Jude” was written for someone with this last name
$800: U2’s “Pride (In the Name of Love)” is a tribute to this man who died in 1968
$1200: Stevie Nicks said this Fleetwood Mac song was about a Welsh witch
$1600: His song “Moon Over Bourbon Street”, about a vampire named Louis, was inspired by an Anne Rice character
$2000: “Wish You Were Here” by this rock group was dedicated to founder Syd Barrett

Answers: show

It will probably be several years before this category comes up again, but maybe they can have a “Historical Songs” category in the meantime, with clues like:

The title character of this 1993 Al Stewart song murdered radical Jean-Paul Marat in his bathtub 200 years earlier.

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