Celebrity Apprentice: Schwarzenegger Taking Over

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been hired to replace Donald Trump as the Terminator on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” and the former body builder, actor, governor and whatever else he formerly was, will now be the one in the boardroom who does the firing.

In this video, Conan O’Brien supplies Arnold with a great list of catchphrases (and he even does a pretty good impression of both Schwarzenegger and Trump).

As everyone knows by now, NBC fired Donald Trump for making remarks they took exception to about “immigrants.” And, as everyone also knows, but some choose to ignore, Trump was talking about illegal border crossings. Whatever, that’s all a done deal now. Trump settled his disputes with NBC and he is cool with Schwarzenegger hosting “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Trump also tweeted his regrets to his fans that he can’t host Apprentice anymore because of his presidential run. We get it but we’re just not sure if the show will be the same without Trump.

On the other hand, it is true that Trump actually only appeared in the beginning of most episodes to give out the task and showed up in the boardroom at the end so maybe we will check it out anyhow to see if Schwarzenegger does the same and if the Trump kids will still be on board. The show is supposedly returning at some as yet unannounced time in the 2016-2017 season.

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