Bunheads: What’s Your Damage Recap

Michelle is teaching and teaching and teaching. She’s not only got her own classes, she’s got Fanny’s and guess what? After an exhausting class with little kids who have to go potty (is it appropriate to tell little kids that Les Miz is 3 hours long and between changing costumes and trying to figure out whether Marius is straight, you’re not going to have time to go potty?), she finds out that Fanny has extended her vacation! Fanny posted it on Facebook, but Michelle is social network-phobic. Michelle eats air fries bought over by Boo’s mom as a little green creature comes skittering and squealing by. Oh, the fun!

An emergency springs up when the pipes in the dance studio start leading all over the place and Michelle, who apparently has never heard of a pot or pail, calls Fanny for help while she tries to sop up the leaks with paper towels. After a conversation with herself, since Fanny’s not answering, she calls Truly, who suggests a plumber. Michelle hires (yes! yet another new character) Davis (Todd Lowe), a guy with one eye and an eyepatch who nobody ever hires to do plumbing. They only hire him to keep “an eye” on things. (Good grief, we couldn’t believe Truly said that!)

The Bunheads have to change in Michelle’s crib and they decide to go through her things. Sasha helps herself to one of Michelle’s shirts (the one Siegfried gave her the night the tiger ate Roy) and when Michelle catches her wearing it, she denies stealing it. Michelle says “Don’t gaslight me, lady.” (Wow – “Gaslight” was a Jeopardy! clue this week. None of the contestants and even Alex Trebek knew what it meant!) Michelle says her name is inside it. “How 6th grade,” says Miss Snotty Sasha. Well, it’s not the first time Sasha has helped herself to other people’s things, is it? Her sticky little fingers took her Mom’s credit card in one episode. Even before this scene, when the Bunheads were expecting her to be busted for last week’s shenanigans, she shows up with a credit card and claims her parents gave it to her. Yeah, well, it would be a bigger surprise if that turns out to be the truth rather than a lie. Michelle gives Sasha a strong lecture while at the same time whining about how she doesn’t want to be an authority figure. LOL because Sasha showed more remorse for making Michelle wag her finger than for lifting the shirt. What a mixed-up Bunhead.

Michelle catches Truly in a serious liplock with Davis. How gross was that? Not half as unsettling as Michelle and Truly’s conversation afterwards. Crazy Truly feels like she is cheating on Hubbell. Michelle¬†patiently¬†explains to this ditz that Hubbell is dead, for one thing. For another, he was “taken” so she couldn’t have been cheating on him because she didn’t really have a relationship with him to begin with. Michelle did not say that last part after “taken” we did. Michelle has more patience with Truly than we would.

More Bunhead Moments

After Ginny breaks up with her boyfriend since 2nd grade, her mother, Claire, blames Michelle and attacks her with a rant that was more about how she was losing a free handyman. Boo’s mom, Nanette, comforts an overwhelmed Michelle, letting her know that she’s been a much bigger (and better) influence on the girls than she knows.

Melanie’s brother, Charlie, tells Boo that Josh is stupid for breaking up with Ginny because she’s “hot.” He asks Boo to put in a good word for him. You kind of feel bad for Boo when she actually does it.

Been missing Kelly Bishop? Fanny will be back next week:

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