Bunheads: The Movie Truck

Here was the best part of Bunheads “The Movie Truck” with Sasha dancing her Bunhead buns off to “Istanbul, Not Constantinople,” by They Might Be Giants. What did it have to do with anything in the episode? Beats us. They just sort of threw that in at the end. LOL.

“The Movie Truck” had several different storylines going on. Fanny devised a method to force Michelle to teach. Drop out and guilt trip. Michelle reluctantly allowed Truly to accompany her and her friend Talia on one of their adventures that take place annually on Michelle’s birthday. These outings have included kissing George Clooney and sneaking on a plane that contained Bon Jovi, and those weren’t even No. 1. Neither is this birthday, although it does include a trip to a Cupcake ATM and a sober Truly who can drive there because she didn’t really drink alcohol. She just pretended she was doing it and spitting it back in the bottle. Charming.

Then there were Sasha’s battling parents and Boo’s crush on Charlie resurfacing, without a Godot chest hair in sight (the hottie who liked Boo at her job last week).

This is getting to be a habit on Bunheads that we already detest because of Secret Life: introducing new characters who then disappear for any number of episodes or seasons. Whatever happened to that millionaire dude Michelle met several episodes ago. That had promise.

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