Bobby Ewing: Self-Righteous Hypocrite

Gosh, how Bobby Ewing hates it when someone tells him a lie but does he really have any right to get so self-righteous about it? When Dallas (2012) returned after its mid-season hiatus (Denial, Anger, Acceptance), the Ewings were all at the hospital, after a fire at Southfork that occurred in the midst of one of Sue Ellen’s infamous drinking binges. Meantime John Ross’ wife, Pamela, had taken an overdose of pills in the storyline involving her husband cheating with Emma, the daughter of Bobby’s current wife, Ann. When Ann showed up at the hospital, she told Bobby a little fib about why she was not home when the fire broke out. Of course when he found out, he went off the deep end. He decided to stay at Southfork during the rebuilding period alone.

Ann, it would seem, is something of a defensive, if not habitual, liar. She is the former wife of Harris Ryland and did not tell Bobby that they had a daughter Harris and his mother had kept from her for years.

In between these two events, however, Bobby became a a part of J.R.’s Master Plan to frame Cliff Barnes for the murder of J.R., who was not murdered at all, but died in a suicide assisted by his P.I. and right-hand man, Bum. Cliff Barnes is still cooling his heels in a Mexican jail while Bobby rages on about his wife’s misguided effort to delay or prevent him from finding out that her ex-husband kissed her.

So, when it comes to lying, Bobby is obviously the bigger sinner and has no right to be acting like anyone who tells a lie is beneath contempt! It also makes you wonder how much about Bobby’s past Ann really. Sure she knows Pamela Barnes was the love of his life, and probably knows about his first love, Jenna Wade, and his last wife, April Stevens. But does Ann know that Bobby fathered a child named Lucas with Jenna and then walked away from the baby so he could be with Pam again? He let his half-brother Ray adopt Lucas. And here he is back in the day getting self-righteous with Jenna over the whole thing. He even hates it when someone tells him a truth that he doesn’t want to hear.

He has the nerve to chastise Jenna for her feelings for him, saying Ray deserves better. Um, yeah, and Jenna and the baby deserve better than this butthole’s callous attitude. He says he is never coming back and it will be really hard to look Ray in eye, but everyone knows that he is doing it because he loves Pamela more than anyone else on earth, even his own flesh and blood son!

We don’t know if Priscilla Presley is going to being come back with a grown-up Lucas if Dallas gets renewed for another season, but before the end of season 3, the framing of Cliff Barnes is going to come to light. The question is will Ann remember how worthless Bobby made her feel while, all the time, he was hiding a secret himself!

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