$28,000 Date with Rapper Riff Raff… Going, Going…

Houston rapper Riff Raff has come up with an incredible offer: he will take your daughter (provided she is 18) to the prom in a Lamborghini. The lucky girl will also receive a week of promotion on his Twitter and Instagram accounts; prom videos and photos; and the icing on the cake– a night at the best penthouse suite in town.

All that and all you have to do is pay him $28,000. We saw the report on this on our local KHOU station. Our favorite news anchor, Len Cannon, emphatically said he knows he would not let his daughter go to the prom with anyone named Riff Raff. That would have struck you as very funny, too, if you knew Riff Raff’s real name and we do.

The 32-year-old rapper’s real first name is Horst and that makes you wonder why he went with a stage name like Riff Raff when he already had a name that very few people in the USA have. His name is not even on the list of given names published for 1982, the year he was born, which means that less than 5 babies were named Horst that year. In fact, Horst has not appeared on the Social Security Admin’s lists of popular names by year since 1968, when 7 American boys were named Horst.

But the question is not would Len Cannon let his daughter go to the prom with someone named Horst, is it? It’s really is anyone going to take Riff Raff up on his offer and cough up $28,000 and hey, wait a minute! Isn’t he too old to get in the prom in the first place?

Whatever happens, it’s not like Riff Raff doesn’t have fine date credentials. His date at the 2014 MTV Awards was the fabulous pop diva Katy Perry.

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