2017 Oscar Flubs

Well, just when you thought that award shows would pay meticulous attention to getting the winner right after the Steve Harvey Miss Universe fiasco, this happened at the February 26, 2017 Oscar ceremony with the Best Picture Oscar, no less!

Presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were apparently given the Best Actress card that had Emma Stone’s name on it and “La La Land.” She already had been given her Oscar and, according to Ms. Stone, she’s not so sure that is what really happened because she had the card with her name on it the whole time. Apparently, there were two sets of the cards and they are looking into how the mix up occurred.

Okay, but how about the In Memoriam segment? They showed a picture of Australian film producer, Jan Chapman, when honoring the late Australian costume designer, Janet Patterson, who was previously nominated for Best Costume Design 4 times for “The Piano” (1993), “Portrait of a Lady” (1996), “Oscar and Lucinda” (1997) and “Bright Star” (2009).

Chapman, a friend and collaborator of Patterson’s and one of the producers of “Bright Star”, told “Variety” that she was just devastated to see that mistake. See that article for the “mistake” image. We’re not going to show the In Memoriam video because they have not fixed it as of yet, but here is a link to the Academy’s full slideshow, with well over 100 slides, if you have the patience for that sort of thing.

Here is a video where Jan Chapman talks about the costumes in “Bright Star.” You don’t see Janet Patterson in it, but she makes some comments.

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