Final Jeopardy: Actors & Oscars

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7 Responses

  1. vj says:

    I don’t think any of these contestants were even alive in the 70s, so unless classic movies was one of their passions, maybe they wouldn’t be aware of Olivier’s stature, ya know?

    If Jeopardy was still on say 30 years hence, and they had contestants on about their ages, those players may have no idea who Olivier even was!

    Well, fwiw, I love the guy. Great actor, the best Hamlet, the best Heathcliff.

    • john blahuta says:

      and that’s a SHAME. i actually revere him still. some actors and movies you just HAVE to see, no matter how old. laughton, peck, grant,cooper,tracy just on the male side and just to scratch the surface.

      that reminds me of something: one day in vienna, in 9th grade, our english class was taken to the movies to see a special performance (the original) just for our school of “the old man and the sea”. THAT started my interest in movies, i then read the book and the rest is ,ahem,history.-:)

    • vj says:

      Here is AMC’s list of 50 Greatest Actors of All Time. They don’t even have Charles Laughton on there! But they have Fred Astaire. So we see what I mean. Ah, well, at least they have Burt Lancaster.

      • john blahuta says:

        boy, that list brings back memories. i was especially fond of mitchum. he had two dvd series, pretty accurate following the books by wouk, ” winds of war” and ” war and remembrance”. wouk having written also a – for me- hilarious book, “don’t stop the carnival”, since i managed a hotel on barbados for 3 years. it was like revisiting, just with a kind of mixed sad/happy end. well, there is something to be said to go to a movie theater and watch a flick,the atmosphere in the theater, standing in line, not knowing whether they sell out before its your turn and not printing the tickets online, or READING abook, HOLDING it, feeling the covers, turning the pages. not just some leather,carton,paper and ink.emotions and memories today’s younger/youngest generation is missing out on. for me a book e.g. has almost a life of its own.

  2. john blahuta says:

    ironic that in 1976 olivier was nominated for an oscar (best supporting actor) for playing dr. szell (the white angel), a nazi war criminal…… and in 1980 again a jewish cantor in “the jazz singer”….lost 1976 to jason robard (all the president’s men). like dustin hoffman imo one of the best actors ever. he could play anybody, just like hoffman, extremely opposite characters. (hoffman like ben in “the graduate”, “ratso” rizzo in “midnight cowboy” and untold others (raymond in “rain man” etc. etc……

    thad was REALLY lucky though. the necessary bet would have been only 11.201 to win (if everybody was right).and WOW, a triple stumper with the winner taking home a measly 2.400….total winnings 4.399 in this show. well, matt was bumped up from 1.999 to 2.000. THAT will make a difference:):)

  3. aaaa says:

    Seems as though all three wagers, or at least two ,were inoptimal. Thad probably won the game because of inoptimal wagering by his opponents.