Z: From the Beginning Quotes (Amazon Series)

Here are some quotes from the first two episodes of “Z: from the Beginning,” an Amazon series produced by and starring Christina Ricci as Zelda Fitzgerald. David Hoflin plays F. Scott Fitzergerald.

Pilot (Episode 1)

Zelda Sayre: “Ish Kabibble. (singing) He was dirty and lousy and full of fleas / But he had his women by twos and three / God bless the bastard King of England!”

Zelda: Montgomery boys are such three-minute eggs.”

Judge Anthony Sayre: “… you seem to forget that you are living under my roof and I expect you to act like a human being, not some swamp rabbit.”

Lt. Hammett: “A real romantic, aren’t you?”
F. Scott Fitzgerald: “Why would any man choose to be otherwise?

Minnie Sayre: “Please tell me you’re wearing a corset. If you don’t wear a corset, people are going to think you’re a…”
Zelda: “A speed? Things are different now, Mama. Besides the War Industries Board told us not to wear corsets.”
Minnie: “Not to buy corsets. There’s a difference.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald: “Who is that saint.”
Young Man at Dance: “That’s Zelda Sayre and she’s no saint, Goldilocks.”

Just Humans (Episode 2)

Tootsie Sayre Smith: “Good Lord, Zelda. If you’re not gonna talk to this boy, release him from your spell. Spare us from all the constant ringing.”
Zelda: “I can’t help it if I’m never home.”
Tootsie: “He’s gonna give up.”
Zelda: “No, he won’t.”

Judge Sayre: “I understand your people are from up north, Lieutenant Fitzgerald.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald: “Yes, sir.”
Minnie Sayre: “I hear it’s mighty cold up there.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald: “I will take the cold over this heat any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
Tilde Sayre: “That’s a fact. As soon as this war is over, I’m moving back up North.”

Zelda Sayre: “Scott’s a writer, Daddy. I told you that.”
Judge Sayre: “And writing is a real job?”
Minnie Sayre: “I write poetry.”
Judge Sayre: “My point exactly.”
Tootsie Sayre Smith: “And I write a column for the newspaper. I get a paycheck every week.”
Judge Sayre: “Last time I checked, I was still supporting all you writers.”

The entire first season of Z: The Beginning of Everything” was released on Amazon Prime on January 27, 2017.

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