Who’s Your Daddy? Jeopardy! Category (July 13, 2016)

Where you surprised when the “Who’s Your Daddy?” Double Jeopardy! category in the 7/13/16 match turned out to be about historical figures? Jason began the round by picking the $1600 clue in the category and we think he was very surprised. No one knew it and he figured he ought to get out of there in a hurry. Two categories later, Sue came back to it and got the $400 clue right. Jason got the next two but no one knew Hannibal’s pappy.

The clues were not shown with images. You can click on them to find out more:

($400) Princess Anne, now the Princess Royal
Princess Anne

($800) Leif Eriksson
Leif Eriksson

($1200) King Solomon
King Solomon

($1600) 9th century emperor Louis the Pious
Louis the Pious

($2000) Hannibal

In the past, they have had plenty of “Who’s Your Daddy” clues. J-Archive has them, plus two category variations: “Who’s Your Mythological Daddy” and “Who’s Your Daddy Company.” Gotta love it!

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