Titanic: 1997 Best Picture

“Titanic” won 11 Oscars at the 70th Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, but it didn’t score in the acting categories where it had only two of its 14 nominations: Kate Winslet for Best Actress and Gloria Stuart for Best Supporting Actress.

Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt, The stars of “As Good As it Gets” won Best Actor and Best Actress. Robin Williams won Best Supporting Actor for “Good Will Hunting” and Kim Basinger won Best Supporting Actress for “L.A. Confidential”. These 3 films were also nominated for Best Picture along with “The Full Monty”.

Other films with 3 or more nominations were “Amistad”, “Kundun”, “The Wings of the Dove”, “Boogie Nights” and “Men in Black”

Top Ten at the box office in 1997: “Titanic”, “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”, “Men in Black”, “Tomorrow Never Dies”, “Air Force One”, “As Good As It Gets”, “Liar Liar”, “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, “The Fifth Element” and “The Full Monty”.

Jeopardy! clues on “Titanic”
THE REEL STORY $200: Kate Winslet wears a blue diamond necklace called the “Heart of the Ocean” in this 1997 film
FILM FACTS $100: In this 1997 film, Jack Dawson’s nude sketch of Rose was actually drawn by director James Cameron
MOVIES AT SEA $5,000 (Daily Double): One tagline for this 1997 Oscar winner was “Collide with destiny”
BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES $800: James Cameron also won an Oscar for editing this 1997 blockbuster

More 1997 film clues:
JACK NICHOLSON $2000: Singing “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life” to a dog helped Jack win an Oscar for this 1997 film
WHAT THE ’90s MOVIE TITLE MEANS $1200: Americans say “the whole enchilada”; Brits say this, a Best Picture Oscar nominee from 1997
NO DISRESPECT TO BEN AFFLECK $1200: Ben doesn’t have much to say on the market economy in the colonies in a bar scene in this 1997 film…but Matt Damon does
MOVIE TAGLINES $400: 1997: “Protecting the Earth from the scum of the universe!”
THE SCREAM ACTORS GUILD $400: “I Know” Jennifer Love Hewitt hits a high note as Julie James in this scary 1997 film
NUDE WORDS & PHRASES $400: A 1997 film about guys who take it all off popularized this phrase, its title
IN-FLIGHT MOVIES $800: Gary Oldman leads the terrorists who hijack the President’s plane in this 1997 action film
NOT BORED OF DIRECTORS $1600: We weren’t bored by his 1997 film “Lost Highway”–confused, sure, but not bored
ONE-WORD MOVIES $2000: Scenes in this 1997 Jodie Foster film were filmed at the Very Large Array of radio telescopes in New Mexico
OF MICE & MEN $2000: Nathan Lane & Lee Evans are 2 men who inherit a house plagued by a crafty rodent in this 1997 film
MORGAN FREEMAN $1000: (Morgan gives the last clue.) John Quincy Adams & Martin Van Buren were characters in this 1997 film in which I starred with Djimon Hounsou
“BLACK” & “WHITE” MOVIES $400: Linda Fiorentino became Agent L in this 1997 film
’90s POP CULTURE $1200: It’s O.K. to ask Allison Janney if she’s seen Howard Stern’s these–she was in the 1997 film with that title
THE TALES OF HOFFMAN $1000: In this 1997 film a Washington spin doctor & a Hollywood producer team up to stage a phony war
INDEPENDENT FILMS $600: Robert Duvall wrote, directed & played a preacher in this 1997 film
DISNEY FILM VOICES $600: Hope you didn’t “myth” this 1997 film, with James Woods as the voice of Hades & Rip Torn as Zeus
CINEMANIA $2000: The military clones Ripley to produce a bioweapon in this 1997 film, the fourth in the “Alien” series
ANIMAL-TITLED MOVIES $1600: War is fabricated to cover up a presidential sex scandal in this 1997 film starring Dustin Hoffman & Robert De Niro
THE CINEMA $2000: This 1997 Nicolas Cage film featured the hit song “How Do I Live”
REMAKES $1000: A 1997 TV remake of this 1957 film featured Tony Danza as Juror No. 7
YOUNG ACTORS & ROLES $2,000 (Daily Double): Jena Malone played fledgling astronomer Ellie Arroway in this 1997 film; Jodie Foster played Ellie as an adult
INTELLIGENT FILMS $200: Even the janitor at M.I.T. is a math genius in this 1997 Oscar-winning film
DEVILISH MOVIES $500: Keanu Reeves works for Al Pacino, one hell of a lawyer, in this 1997 film
I’M NOT REALLY A SCIENTIST $1000: Elisabeth Shue masters cold fusion & Val Kilmer tries to steal the secret in this 1997 film
ACTORS & ACTRESSES $500: Ian McKellen was crowned with a Golden Globe Award in 1997 for playing this czar in the HBO film “Rasputin”
’90s MOVIES $300: Rob Lowe played the leader of a conservative religious group in this 1997 sci-fi film starring Jodie Foster
BORN IN IRELAND $400: (Hi, I’m Bob Goen of Entertainment Tonight.) He got his star on the Walk of Fame Dec. 3, 1997 to tie in with the release of his film “Tomorrow Never Dies”
STARTS & ENDS WITH “A” $600: (Hi, I’m Kari Wuhrer of “Sliders”) In 1997 I headed into the Amazon with Jennifer Lopez to film a lost tribe & got tangled up with this title creature
YOUR FILM DAYS ARE NUMBERED $800: Bruce Willis saves a future world with Milla Jovovich’s help in this 1997 film
FILM ROLES $100: In a 1997 film, Matt Damon played this “Good” genius & earned an Oscar nomination for his efforts
QUEEN VICTORIA $1,000 (Daily Double): As seen in a 1997 film, he was Victoria’s beloved servant, but we’re not sure how she felt about his “body”
IT’S A DISASTER!… MOVIE $300: This Pierce Brosnan vehicle preceded the similar disaster film “Volcano” in 1997
CANDLES $200: Blowing out his birthday candles, a boy wishes for 24 hours of truth from his dad in this 1997 Jim Carrey film
THE MOVIES $100: Here’s the naked truth: this 1997 film is the highest-grossing British movie in history
NON-NATIVE AMERICANS $1000: This Havana-born actor is not related to poet Federico Garcia Lorca, whom he played in a 1997 film
’90s MOVIES $100: This term for total nudity is the title of a 1997 film about male strippers
HAIL, HAIL ALBANIA $200: In this 1997 Dustin Hoffman film, the U.S. wages a fictional war with Albania
THE MOVIES $200: His 1997 film “Jackie Brown” was the first full feature film he’s directed since “Pulp Fiction”
NAMES IN THE NUDE $400: Demi Moore shed her clothes & her hair to play a Navy SEAL in this 1997 film
COMEDIES $600: 1997 film concerning a cute dog, a gay artist, an earthy waitress & a really strange author
JOHN CUSACK MOVIES $600: Cusack plays a journalist who’s sent to Savannah, Georgia in this 1997 film based on a book of the same name
IN THE MOVIES $300: Adapted from Heinlein, young soldiers battle to save humans from extinction in this 1997 film seen here:
IN THE MOVIES $500: Sylvester Stallone put on about 40 pounds to play Sheriff Heflin in this 1997 film
THE MOVIES $400: The French film “Les Comperes” was turned into this 1997 film with Robin Williams & Billy Crystal
PLAYING PRESIDENT $800: Uncle Bill on “Family Affair”, his last role was William McKinley in the 1997 TNT film “Rough Riders”
MOVIE STARS $500: In a 1997 film she found “That Old Feeling” with Dennis Farina
ACTORS & THEIR ROLES $1000: In 1997 Johnny Depp went undercover to infiltrate the Mafia in this film based on a true story
S-S-SNAKES-S-S $300: This snake, subject of a 1997 film, is the largest in the Western Hemisphere
TEENS ON FILM $2,000 (Daily Double): Title of a 1996 film about unusual teenage girls, seen here:
SCHWARZENEGGER FILMS $1,000 (Daily Double): In 1993 Arnold was Jack Slater, the title idol of the boy seen in this film:
THE MOVIES $200: Tommy Lee Jones & Anne Heche no doubt had a blast making this film that erupted on the screen in 1997

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