Teen Tournament Rerun: 8-10-17 Final No. 1

Today’s Jeopardy match originally aired on November 21, 2016. It was the first match of the 2-part final in the 2016 Teen Tournament. The 3 finalists: Michael Borecki, Sharath Narayan and Alec Fischthal


There’s a list of clues over here from this match that includes the category on HOBBIES & PASTIMES.

J-Archive shows that as the first time the cluewriters combined those 2 words into one category. Usually they go with one or the other. PRESIDENTIAL PASTIMES is a favorite.

$200: Jimmy Carter liked to grab his flies & do some of this in Hunting Creek, near Camp David

$400: John Quincy Adams loved to “rack ’em up” after buying the first one of these for the White House

$600 (DD $1,000): For Thomas Jefferson, gardening was a welcome retreat from political life, and never more so than in 1807 when he suffered from migraines & stress due to this former vice president’s treason trial

$800: President Clinton not only enjoyed listening to music but playing this instrument as well, even on TV

$1000: He enjoyed gambling on the ponies; he also bred racehorses at his Hermitage home

See more Pastimes clues and more Hobbies clues on J-Archive.

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