Some Guy Named Mehmet and Nutritional Supplements

John Oliver takes a look at Dr. Oz doubletalk on his weekly review of the news, “Last Week Tonight.” “The only problem with the Dr. Oz Effect is that magic pills don’t technically exist and Dr. Oz knows that,” Oliver says, and goes on to point out that Oz is “dangerously likeable.”

He then shows news reporters saying how much they liked Dr. Oz after doing a report on Oz being grilled by a Senate panel. “You basically just did an Emperor’s News Clothes piece,” Oliver marvels,, and “they ended it by saying ‘by the way, the Emperor’s tailor was incredible…'” Very funny stuff!

Oliver goes on to explain that diet supplements in the USA are “shockingly unregulated” and why.

The Office of Dietary Supplements on the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services website has a FAQ sheet on diet supplements. They will even tell you who to contact if you want to produce, market, import, distribute or sell a dietary supplement in the USA.

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  1. eric s says:

    Dr. M.O. has a questionable M.O.