September 12th Birthdays

American singer Maria Muldaur was born on this day in 1943, as Maria Grazia Rosa Domenica D’Amato, in Greenwich Village, NY

Also born on September 12th

  • 1927
    Mathé Altéry, French singer
  • 1931
    Sir Ian Holm, English actor
  • 1940
    Linda Gray, American actress
    Mickey Lolich, American baseball player
    Patrick Mower, English actor
  • 1951
    Joe Pantoliano, American actor
  • 1952
    Gerry Beckley, American musician
    Neil Peart, Canadian drummer and author
  • 1956
    Barry Andrews, British musician
  • 1957
    Rachel Ward, English actress
  • 1958
    Wilfrid Benitez, American boxer
    Greg Edelman, American actor, singer
  • 1962
    Amy Yasbeck, American actress
  • 1963
    Paul Bellini, Canadian screenwriter, comedian
  • 1965
    John Norwood Fisher, American musician
    Vernon Maxwell, American basketball player
  • 1966
    Darren E. Burrows, American actor
    Ben Folds, American musician
  • 1967
    Pat Listach, American baseball player
    Jason Statham, English actor
    Louis C.K., American comedian
  • 1968
    Ler LaLonde, American guitarist
    Paul F. Tompkins, American comedian
  • 1969
    James Frey, American writer
  • 1970
    Nathan Larson, American singer, musician
  • 1974
    Jennifer Nettles, American country singer
  • 1976
    Bizzy Bone, American rapper
  • 1977
    Grant Denyer, Australian TV host
    Jeff Irwin, American musician
    James McCartney, British musician
  • 1978
    Benjamin McKenzie, American actor
    Ruben Studdard, American singer
  • 1980
    Sean Burroughs, American baseball player
    Gus G., Greek guitarist
  • 1981
    Jennifer Hudson, American actress, singer
  • 1983
    Carly Smithson, Irish singer
    Clayton Richard, American baseball player
  • 1986
    Emmy Rossum, American actress, singer
  • 1988
    Amanda Jenssen, Swedish singer
  • 1996
    Colin Ford, American actor

September Birthday Calendar

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