Vladimir Putin May Play in Hockey Exhibition Against Philadelphia Flyers Alumni

Retired Philadelphia Flyer defenseman Joe Watson is leading a team of ex Philadelphia Flyers and others to Russia this month for a series of exhibition games, including one in Red Square in Moscow. One Russian who wants to play against the Flyers will most certainly be on one of the opposing teams. That would be Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The 64 year old leader of Russia is probably the second most controversial leader in the world right now behind Donald Trump, but leaving that aside, he also tries to project an image of himself as active and athletic; he famously poses for pictures shirtless to show off his physique. It turns out he took up hockey a few years ago and apparently likes it, making occasional public appearances on the ice. Two years ago, Putin skated against another team of retired NHL players and scored eight goals. Yup, eight.

Note to Watson: If Putin wants to score eight again, let him, unless you want your next team to be in a gulag in northern Chukotka.

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1 Response

  1. EricS says:

    I hope Pronger checks him into the cheap seats.