President Obama’s Big Five Oh

Jennifer Hudson sang Happy Birthday to the President at a fund-raiser on Wednesday, August 3rd.

We don’t know why they are comparing that to Marilyn Monroe singing to JFK. We owe it all to American Idol.

David Letterman had a list of the Top 10 Ways Barack Obama Celebrated His Birthday

10. Updated his resume
9. Treated himself to a piece of First Lady’s carob-flavored kelp birthday cake
8. Asked for an iPad. Let Republicans negotiate him down to a wad of gum.
7. Pizza and video games at Washington Kids’ restaurant “Chuck E. Schumer’s”
6. Asked for any cash gifts to be in Canadian dollars.
5. Send 82nd Airborne on in-and-out burger run.
4. Invited fun costumed characters.
3. “Shark Week” and two pints of chubby hubby
2. Got a fabulous makeover from Michele O’Bachmann’s husband
1. Forged a Kenyan birth certificate to get him out of this miserable job

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