Lucy and Margaret Confrontation: Boardwalk Empire Preview

Hold Me in Paradise (Season 1 Episode 8)

Whoa, this Sunday, HBO will air Season 1’s Episode 8 of Boardwalk Empire, and they have released a preview of one of its highlights. We can probably call this clip “Don’t Mess with Margaret” although “Clash of the Concubines” also has a nice ring to it.

Well! How do you like that? Didn’t really look like much of a slap, did it? We’re starting to get the feeling that even if Margaret found out Nucky had her husband whacked, it wouldn’t bother her one bit! She’s one tough mama. Still, there seems to be a few things Margaret is not noticing. She looks a little flabbergasted that Madame Genet would show up and expect help with Lucy. There she is sitting in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton with Annabelle. Doesn’t she realize everyone knows her new position by now?

Margaret does seem to know that Nucky left strict instructions with Madame Genet to cut Lucy off – no more French finery for Lucy. Remember how she told Margaret that she doesn’t go for cheap stuff in “Anastasia”? Lucy’s choices have drastically narrowed. But perhaps Margaret should also recall how Annabelle said Nucky was with Lucy for years. Is this any way to end a relationship that went on for years? He refuses to answer her calls and he doesn’t even have the decency to tell her the well has run dry in person. God forbid Margaret should ever cross Nucky. She could suffer the same fate as Lucy — or worse — her husband!

Nucky visits Chicago in “Hold Me in Paradise” and meets Johnny Torrio. Will he be indifferent, happy or mad with the way Margaret handled Lucy when he returns?

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