Jeopardy: Mr. Peabody and Sherman Category

You knew Jeopardy! would post this clip on their youtube channel, didn’t you? Ordinarily we would type out the clues for you, but they included the captions in the vid.

Our favorite clue was the “quite bootyful” Blackbeard one. Pirate’s booty is a big joke around here. And it must be a favorite of the person’s who uploaded it to youtube, too, since s/he picked that screenshot for the video thumbnail.

We really liked the Napoleon “of course he can” one too.

Matt only let an opponent get the $400 clue and, true to form, he never once cracked a smile.

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2 Responses

  1. VJ says:

    Yes, Mr. Peabody is def saying “of Corsican” and idk why they decided to go with “of course he can” in the caption when they had no such reservations about putting Khan in the Kublai one.

    They should have had a bubble caption with Boney saying “merde!” LOL.

  2. Cece says:

    VJ, I may be entirely wrong on this one but on “of course he can”: although I find the intended pun really horrible, I hear “of Corsican.”

    Yeah, I know, again, this may be another close caption error (or my ears). What say you?