Jeopardy! Category: Hiding Places

This word play category was in the second round of the June 28, 2016 Jeopardy! match. Here are the clues showing who buzzed in with the right response in parentheses. Two of them were triple stumpers (TS). If you know any tricks on how to spot the answer quickly in clues of this type, by all means, please share!

($400) I saw Grandpa rising early in this European capital (Harris)

($800) The arrival of the second World War saw many casualties in this European capital (Jennifer)

($1200) There was much ado about the fact that it’s the largest of Africa’s 16 landlocked countries (TS)

($1600) Displaying wrath ensures bad service in this Mediterranean metropolis (TS)

($2000) Somehow I am managing to endure the scorching heat in this Middle East capital (Harris)

Answers show

Oh yeah, let’s check out those 15 other landlocked African countries, too. They just might turn up in future clues.

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