Geraldo Rivera Quotes About Geraldo

Geraldo Rivera has been accused of tooting his own horn since the debut of Celebrity Apprentice 7, and has been generally panned, even by the other Celebrity Apprentices, for being an obnoxious blowhard. So we collected a bunch of things that Geraldo said about himself throughout the season. Some of them actually don’t seem that bad just written out. The key to being an insufferable oaf must be in the delivery.

“Once you’ve survived Tora Bora, once you’ve survived Somalia, I think that the task will be not so daunting.”

“I am a confident person by nature.”

“It is in their vested interest to whittle away at Geraldo. But, you know, whittling away at Mt. Rushmore is not so easy.”

“My mind is like a volcano. It’s constantly spewing. I’m amazed by my own endless creativity. I don’t mean that to be egotistical.”

“I was certain that I could provide more data, more facts, more history than anyone else.”

“I’ve been in a lot of big fights. I’ve always answered the bell and I’m a tough guy to knock down.”

“I’m a very familiar figure to many Americans…”

“I’m like a freight train. It’s going to be very hard to stop me.”

“If you push me, I’ll push you back.”

“I’ve showed that an old guy can still get it up.”

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