Final Jeopardy: 5-29-17 to 6-2-17

Here are the Final Jeopardy questions and answers for the week of May 29 through June 2, 2017.

Mon, May 29 – Correct answers: 1
Cliffs Notes says a book by this man “was the work of a mathematician and logician who wrote as both a humorist and as a limerist” show

Tue, May 30 – Correct answers: 2
The USA’s largest state school in 1861, by 1862 its enrollment had dropped by 90%. show

Wed, May 31 – Correct answers: 3
Shigetaka Kurita designed the original set of 176 of these, which included the zodiac glyphs, hearts & a pair of googly eyes. show

Thu, June 1 – Correct answers: 1
This port city on the Congo River was founded in 1883 & is named for a European explorer. show

Fri, June 2 – Correct answers: 1
Condoleezza Rice & South Carolina businesswoman Darla Moore became the first female members of this in 2012 show

If you missed any of the games, click on the date for the recap with the Daily Doubles and a triple stumper or two. More clues from this week’s games are on Fikkle Fame’s archive.

None of the FJs totally stumped all the players this week and all of them got Wednesday’s, the game where Trebek thought the leader won but had to quickly correct himself! So that was definitely the easiest clue of the week. Monday’s clue really wasn’t hard for fans of the author or for Jeopardy! fans who recalled prior clues about his scholarly pursuits.

Jeopardy! champs for the week of May 29, 2017

We began the week with 2x champ Jon Groubert. He became a 3x champ that day but lost to Kerry Benn on Tuesday. Joe Nguyen took over on Wednesday and was a 3x champ by Friday. Joe has already surpassed Rob Liguori’s 4-game total, so all he has to do is win next Monday to get that last spot on the ToC list.

Hollaback Girl: Jon Groubert got a big kick out of this clue. More clues from this Lyrical Spelling Bee category are over here.

This week, Wheel of Fortune payouts were higher than Jeopardy! every day except Friday!

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2 Responses

  1. Alex Epstein says:

    If Joe wins on Monday he gets spot on the TOC leaderboard and bumps rob lagori off and if he wins again on Tuesday he got an automatic slot in the TOC.