Final Jeopardy: 4-3-17 to 4-7-17

Here are the Final Jeopardy questions and answers for the week of April 3 through April 7, 2017.

Mon, April 3 – Correct answers: 2 (out of 2 left in FJ)
In 1947 these 2 nations became the first new members of the British Commonwealth since the original group in 1931. show

Tue, April 4 – Correct answers: 0
Raised in industrial Yorkshire, he moved to L.A. In 1964 & thought, “This is the place to be–in the land of swimming pools” show

Wed, April 5 – Correct answers: 2
The animal on this NBA team’s primary logo peaked about 75 million years ago. show

Thu, April 6 – Correct answers: 2
Old circuses like “Gentry’s Equine & Canine Paradox” gave rise to this idiom referring to any elaborate presentation. show

Fri, April 7 – Correct answers: 1
The title of this 1908 novel is an allusion to the hotel in Florence where the novel starts & ends the next year. show

If you missed any of the games, click on the date for the recap with the Daily Doubles and a triple stumper or two. More clues from this week’s games are on Fikkle Fame’s archive.

Tuesday’s clue was the hardest of the week. It was the only triple stumper anyhow. I’d have to say Thursday’s was the easiest for most folks. It wasn’t for me and one of the players, and the miss garnered a lot of media attention on how easy it was to the point where Uproxx told everyone to Leave the Jeopardy! Contestant Who Doesn’t Know the Raptors Alone.

Jeopardy! champs for the week of April 3, 2017

Eric Vernon returned on Monday to go for a third win, but it was not to be. Abigail Myers emerged the winner and she won a second game on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Nora Rowaily became the champ but lost on Thursday to David Gatewood. On Friday, as the leader curse continued, Pat Greiner defeated David.

Jeopardy! immortalized Abigail’s way of holding the buzzer.

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