Final Jeopardy: Recent Oscar Winners

Today’s Final Jeopardy question (6/15/2017) in the category “Recent Oscar
Winners” was:

For his portrayal of a famous man born in the 1940s, he was the first actor born in the ’80s to win the Best Actor Oscar.

New champ Phil Ricciardi won a big $33,400 in his first game. In his second, he’s up against these two players: Debb Johnson, from Columbia, MD; and Jacob Jenkelowitz, from the Bronx, NY.

Round 1 Categories: Charlie Brown, This Is Your Life – State the City – Watch Out for Spiders – “NME”s List – A Hero – Ain’t Nothing but a Sandwich

Debb found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Sandwich” under the $800 clue, with 11 clues left after it. She was in second place with $2,000, $4,400 less than Phil’s lead. She made it a true Daily Double and she was RIGHT.

Served on a warm baguette & filled with grilled meats & pickled vegetables, banh mi is a sandwich from this country. show

Phil finished in the lead with $10,600. Debb was second with $4,600 and Jacob was last with $800.

Round 2 Categories: Ancient Rome – Just Joshing – U.S. Museums – Nonfiction – 9-Letter Words – Minority Report

Phil found the first Daily Double in “9-Letter Words” under the $1,600 clue on the 5th pick. He was in the lead with $11,000 at this point, $4,400 more than Debb in second place. He bet $1,500 but blanked out so he was WRONG.

Teddy Roosevelt took this term from “Pilgrim’s Progress” to refer to one who digs up scandal about famous people. show

Jacob found the last Daily Double in “Minority Report” under the $800 clue. There were 8 clues to go after it. In third place with $1,200, he had $15,400 less than Debb’s lead. Not wanting to go for the $2K allowance, he bet $1,100 and he was RIGHT.

This minority group makes up about 20% of Turkey & Iraq. show

Debb finished in the lead with $18,600. Phil was next with $12,700 and Jacob was in third place with $4,700.

NONE of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


Eddie Redmayne’s IMDB bio says that “He played scientist Stephen Hawking in the biographical drama The Theory of Everything (2014), opposite Felicity Jones, as Stephen’s wife Jane Hawking. For his performance, Redmayne won multiple awards, including the Academy Award for Best Actor. As such, he became the first man born in the 1980s to win an acting Oscar.” A trivia item on there also notes that made him “one of 17 actors to win the Award for playing a real person who was still alive at the evening of the Award ceremony (as of 2015),” and lists the 16 others actors and actresses that applies to.

Jacob thought it was Leonardo DiCaprio, who was born in 1974. He lost his $2,500 bet and finished with $2,200.

Phil picked Russell Crowe, who’s got 10 years on DiCaprio. He only bet $3,200 so that left him $9,500.

Debb had DiCaprio, too. That cost her $5,900 but she won the match with the remaining $12,700 and she is the new Jeopardy! champ.

Final Jeopardy (6/15/2017) Phil Ricciardi, Jacob Jenkelowitz, Debb Johnson

A triple stumper from each round:

AIN’T NOTHING BUT A SANDWICH ($1000) From Kentucky, the Hot Brown is an open faced turkey & bacon sandwich topped with this cheesy bechamel sauce

NONFICTION ($1200) Charles Duhigg explored “Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” in “The Power of” this

2 years ago: TWO of the players got this FJ in “Quotable Painters”

“A reviewer… wrote that my pictures didn’t have any beginning or any end. He didn’t mean it as a compliment, but it was.” show

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10 Responses

  1. rhonda says:

    VJ, when I click on the link for the video to the Rio Grande Museum, it says that the video doesn’t exist. Also, I was wondering if you’re going to continue to do the Wheel of Fortune of the day? Thanks.

    • VJ says:

      That’s strange, but thanks for telling me, Rhonda. I changed that link.

      WoF went into reruns on Monday and I was deciding what to do about. Then I sprained my left wrist so I decided to take a break from it. lol. It’s about 80% better now though so maybe I’ll pick it up again next week. .

      • rhonda says:

        Thanks for changing the link, VJ.
        So sorry to hear that you sprained your left wrist but am glad that it’s a lot better now. Hope it feels all better very soon. Thanks for letting me know about WoF, hope you decide to pick it up again when you are feeling up to it. I’m glad we still have about a month or so left before Jeopardy goes into reruns.

  2. Lou says:

    Disappointed at today’s jeopardy. I don’t remember much of redmayne though I heard of the actual hawking guy. Let’s hope we get a multi champ soon. It’s been four or five weeks now after Dave Clemmons won, don’t you agree, VJ?

    • VJ says:

      Well, from my pov, it was a good game. There were very few clues that stumped them all in the main game. That was the third time this week that a 3/3 finish was predicted but turned out to be 0/3, and the first two predictions were mine, so I’m quite used to those results by now. LOL!

      As for a multi champ, I guess hope springs just as eternal as hope for a 3/3, but it’s really tough for me to want more regular players to get knocked off the list at this point.

      LINK: 8 more clues from the match, including some insight as to why the missed Museum clue pointed to one particular Texas city.

  3. Dalton Higbee says:

    Disappointed at the game today.

    • William Weyser says:

      So far, this is just a very hard week for JEOPARDY!. Plus, I’ve never heard of Eddie Redmayne.

      • VJ says:

        Well, if you saw Darren Harris-Fain’s first game on June 10, 2015, you have heard of Eddie Redmayne playing Hawking, but you just don’t remember it

        • William Weyser says:

          I do remember watching Darren Harris-Fain’s 1st game on that day, but I still have never heard of him.

        • Richard Corliss says:

          After he lost to Brennan Bushee he went out to breakfast him.