Final Jeopardy: Ancient Authors

Today’s Final Jeopardy question (5/26/2017) in the category “Ancient Authors” was:

His famous work culminates in accounts of Xerxes’ invasion & Greek victories at Salamis & Plataea.

New champ Jon Groubert won $22,401 yesterday. In the last game of the week, he’ll try to come back Monday by beating these two challengers: Liz Bass, from Manhasset, NY; and Sam Spencer, from Champaign, IL.

Round 1 Categories: Marconi & Cheese – Famous Women – “S” Words – Book Bindings – Bullet Points – 400 Shows on in 2017

Liz found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Famous Women” under the $400 clue on the 5th pick of the round. She was in the lead with $1,200, $1,000 more than Jon in second place. She bet $1,000 and she was RIGHT.

In 1983 she went where no American woman had gone before.
Famous Women Daily Double (May 26, 2017)

Liz finished in the lead with $4,600. Jon was second with $4,200 and Sam was last with $2,400.

Round 2 Categories: Opera & Ballet – U.S. Bodies of Water – Back to Back to the Future – Life – Liberty – The Pursuit of Happiness

Sam found the first Daily Double in “Liberty” under the $1,600 clue on the 2nd pick. He was in third place with $3,600 now, $1,000 behind Liz’s lead. He made it a true Daily Double and he was RIGHT.

On Christmas Day 1989 in this city, Leonard Bernstein changed the “Ode to Joy” into an “Ode to Freedom” show

Jon found the last Daily Double in “Opera & Ballet” under the $1,600 clue. There was only one clues left after it. In the lead with $18,600, he had $10,600 more than Sam in second place. With a big grin, he bet $5.00. After the clue was read, he responded “What is I’m glad I wagered $5.00,” with another big grin. That, of course, was WRONG.

In a ballet, Odette’s mother’s tears produced this body of water. show

Jon finished in the lead with a runaway $18,595. Liz was next with $7,800 and Sam was in third place with $6,000.

Only ONE of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


Often called The Father of History, Herodotus (c. 484–c. 425 BC) “spent his entire life working on just one project: an account of the origins and execution of the Greco-Persian Wars (499–479 B.C.) that he called The Histories…. After Herodotus died, editors divided his Histories into nine books (Each was named after one of the Muses.) The first five books look into the past to try to explain the rise and fall of the Persian Empire…. The next four books tell the story of the war itself, from the invasions of Greece by Persian emperors Darius and Xerxes to the Greek triumphs at Salamis, Plataea and Mycale in 480 and 479 B.C.” ( Herodotus)

Sam got it right. He bet $3,428 bet and finished with $9,428.

Liz came up with Thucydides. That cost her $4,300, leaving her with $3,500.

Jon wrote down Homer. He only bet $5 again so he won this match with $18,590. His 2-day total is $40,991 and he will indeed return on Monday.

Final Jeopardy (5/26/2017) Jon Groubert, Sam Spencer, Liz Bass

A triple stumper from each round

FAMOUS WOMEN ($1000) Nicknamed “Sassy”, she passed away in 1990, the same year she was inducted into the Jazz Hall of Fame

OPERA & BALLET ($1200) Part of the Ring Cycle, “Gotter-dammerung” has this title in English

2 years ago: Only ONE of the players got this FJ in “Colleges & Universities”

Mens and Manus, “Mind and Hand”, is the motto of this university whose alumni include I.M. Pei, Amar Bose and Richard Feynman. show

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12 Responses

  1. Dalton Higbee says:

    Jon said 7th heaven too fast!

  2. Dalton Higbee says:

    What was the question and answer to the $400 clue of the Pursuit of Happiness category?

    • VJ says:

      THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS ($400) A happy place, or a numerical paradise above the earth
      (7th heaven)

      LINK: 11 more clues from this match

      • Jonathon Groubert says:

        I blanked on that one! Pulled the answer right out of my butt after looking back up and seeing the category again.

        • VJ says:

          Hi, Jon, thanks for stopping by. That was a fast recovery from the blank out! We got a kick out of your Johnny Cash story and Alex obviously enjoyed it very much too. Congrats on your wins so far :)

  3. Charles Brown says:

    Congratulations to Sam who got Herodotus. Thought no one would get it.

  4. VJ says:

    Sorry to see that no one knew “Sassy” :( I think she did the best version of “Whatever Lola Wants”

    “I always get what I aim for, and your heart and soul is what I came for”

    • Caligari says:

      Next to Gwen Verdon, of course.

      • VJ says:

        Touché, Caligari, I will concede that it’s great to watch Gwen Verdon singing”Lola” while dancing, but to just put the song on a playlist to listen to, I would still pick Sassy :)

  5. aaaa says:

    44/58 here