Final Jeopardy: Bestselling Books

The Final Jeopardy question (5/14/2015), in the category “Bestselling Books” was:

In 2014 a collection of her columns became the 1st best seller entirely by this woman who championed many other bestsellers.

Today’s celebrity players are: ABC’s meterologist, Ginger Zee, playing for Susan G. Komen for the Cure; actor, Josh Gad, playing for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles; and actress, Bellamy Young, playing for Operation Blankets of Love.

Round 1: Ginger found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Other First Ladies” under the $400 clue before the first break. She was in second place with $800, $3,800 less than Bellamy’s lead. She made it a true Daily Double (even though Alex told her she could bet $1,000) and she was RIGHT.

Annie Edson Taylor was the first woman to go over this landmark in a barrel. show

Bellamy finished in the lead with $6,800. Ginger was second with $1,200 and Josh was in the hole for $200.

Round 2: Bellamy found the first Daily Double in “Stephen Sondheim” under the $1,200 clue. She was in the lead with $13,200, $8,400 more than Ginger in second place. She bet $3,000 and she was RIGHT.

Sondheim won an Oscar for “Sooner or Later (I Always Get My Man)”, sung by this woman in “Dick Tracy”. show

Bellamy found the last Daily Double in “Birthstones” under the $1,200 clue. In the lead with $17,800, she now had $13,000 more than Ginger in second place. She bet $3,000 and she was RIGHT.

In June or any other month, you can see this gem in a girl’s ear in a Vermeer. show

Bellamy finished in the lead with a runaway $26,800. Ginger was next with $4,800 and Josh was in third place with $3,800.

NONE of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


“One of the most beloved and simultaneously polarizing figures in modern culture is Oprah Winfrey. Whether you know her through her 25 year talk show, her popular book club, her magazine or her television network, everybody knows Oprah…. The book is actually a collection of columns previously published in O Magazine in a recurring section called ‘What I Know For Sure’ where Oprah is challenged to touch on things that she feels she is certain of in her life. During an interview with film critic Gene Siskel in 1998, Oprah was faced with the question of ‘what she knew for sure’ and she admits that for the first time in a long time, she was completely speechless.” (The Lone Book Club)

Josh wrote down “at least this is for charity.” He bet and lost it all.

Ginger wrote down “Ann …”. She lost her $3,000 bet and finished with $1,800.

Bellamy thought it was Nora Ephron. She lost her $4,000 bet but won the match with $22,800 and that means her charity receives $50,000.

Josh and Ginger both get the guaranteed $10,000 for their charities.

Here’s the post-game chat from this match, where Ginger Zee laments her lack of jewelry compared to Bellamy and the futility of practicing with the toilet paper holder.

2 years ago:: Only ONE of the players got this FJ in “The Civil War”

The last of the 11 Southern states to secede from the Union, it borders 6 of them. show

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17 Responses

  1. doris s. says:

    @ Eric S

    Thanks for the info, I figured it had to be SOMETHING where all 3 could ring in at the same time, just never noticed it.
    Otherwise you would have the “human factor” as far as release time is concerned and that would not be fair.
    Thank you again and just in case Friday’s game is something even worse than Thu and I won’t write anything: have a nice weekend!

    • Eric S says:

      You’re most welcome. I’ve been to a few tapings, and they were quite informative.
      I saw an old episode on YouTube and the players answered whenever they wanted. It was fun, but a mess.

  2. Nullifidian says:

    This is embarrassing. In what other episode of Jeopardy could you find three people who don’t know that the capital of the Czech Republic is Prague and who think that the Swiss capital city is either Vienna or Stockholm? I’ve skipped the other three episodes of Celebrity Jeopardy, and I think I’ll skip tomorrow’s too.

    • doris s. says:

      I could not agree more. After all, we are not exactly talking about some remote and virtually unknown capital somewhere in the jungle…

    • doris s. says:

      I wonder if any of the 3 would have been able to locate the Czech Republic,Switzerland or Austria on a map. To make things more difficult, you have now the Czech Republic AND Slovakia what used to be Czechoslovakia (capital of Slovakia being Pressburg/Bratislava).Not to mention that part of northern Italy,Czechoslovakia,Slovenia and former Yugoslavia used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Now you have additional countries, such as Slovenia,Serbia,Croatia, B&H,Macedonia…And Alsace-Lorraine being in France now, having been part of Germany…
      Don’t know much about geography, the song, comes to mind.Actually it was “Wonderful World”, just one of the many lines where somebody does not know much about a lot of things..

  3. jacob ska says:

    Now I have heard it all. Vienna, Switzerland? Pleez!

    Nora Ephron for fj? She died almost 3 years ago.

    Was not thrilled by this game at all. An entire category left on the board at the end of round 1? Probably due to a lot of chatter imo.

    • VJ says:

      Well the category left on the board after round 1 has been almost standard this week due to the longer chats. Idk, but in this game,, it even seemed like Alex was reading the first round clues slower than usual. Also Bellamy’s uh uh uh’s before selecting the next clue didn’t help and her cackling was uh, uh, uh, distracting, if not annoying. LOL!!

      I gave them the benefit of the doubt on the Vienna and Stockholm thing that they forgot the category.

      • Cece says:

        I agree with you both — wasn’t thrilled with this game either and found Bellamy annoying, even though she played better than the other two.

        “What the L” category — wasn’t there a category recently titled “The L With You?”

        And btw, who is Oprah? (Just kidding!)

      • doris s. says:

        I agree completely. The way she acted one was wondering how many drinks she had before the show or if she had inhaled once too often….:)

      • kb says:

        YES! Not only is it disappointing to have an entire category left, but these are celebs — we kinda know about them already (if anything, give REAL people more time to talk) so it should be LESS time taken up with that silly chatter. Tell us about the charity and that’s all please, we know enough about you already (and honestly, don’t much care, lol).

        And Bellamy, god please STFU!! We don’t need the UHs and other utterances, cackling (well put VJ) — throughout the WHOLE show!!! UGH. Not sure I’ve seen ANY other contestant do that?! It’s like a Jeopardy no-no, completely distracting and super-annoying! (I starting wondering if that’s what had Ginger so quiet towards the end… afraid to open her mouth cuz it wouldn’t have been to answer, would have been to shut that piehole down at the other end!)

        Also Bellamy’s getting so much attn for getting the whole category (Lit) right… well maybe cuz she’s a celeb, but otherwise would have been cakewalk for “real” contestants (if *I* could get them all, I mean, I’m just saying). Then toward the end when it was already a runaway for her, she’s gesturing to the other two to ring in… um, the games are FOR charity, they don’t need YOUR charity! Puh-lease! ;)

        Can’t wait for celeb week to be over… it is just a week right?!? =\ I think Kids Week is harder! =P Cuz really, cmon, who hasn’t heard of Oprah’s bookclub?!?! =)

    • Eric S says:

      I think many people are missing the whole point of this week. It’s an exhibition, so yes, it will be informal. Of course, the clues are easier (no one wants to see these people go into FJ with the leader at 1700).
      The fact that that the money goes to charity is just a cherry on top.
      This week is about promoting Jeopardy! awareness to the fray: e.g. maybe picking up some watchers of Wheel of Fortune.

  4. doris s. says:

    Everybody is entitled to his/her/its opinion. The Lone Book Club calls Oprah “One of the most beloved…”?
    Unfortunately I know her personally (a long story) and I can absolutely NOT share that opinion. To go into detail would be “disrespectful” so I will refrain from sharing a number of incidents that makes her certainly not beloved in MY book. Also I can not prove it on this site, so let me just say I could not disagree with TLBC more.

    The players did not have her on their collective minds it seems.
    As far as the clue goes: many books became bestsellers AFTER Ms. Winfrey “championed” them and became in MY opinion- often only bestsellers because people were curious and bought them upon Ms. Winfrey’s “recommendation”. What the readers thought after they read the “championed” books is not reflected in any statistic except that not too many of them remained on the bestseller list for too long,leave alone are still there. Mostly a flash in the pan and soon forgotten.
    If I were in court I would object with “facts not in evidence”.
    Many will disagree with me but my opinion – to which I am entitled- is that Ms. Winfrey is way overrated, She seems to have a good agent though, I have to give her that.

    • jacob ska says:

      Don’t forget “A Million Little Pieces” by J. F. as one of her touted books that backfired on her.

      • VJ says:

        wikipedia has a page on Oprah’s Book Club where they list all 70 books she selected as Book of the Month and a quote from Business Week: “Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of the Oprah phenomenon is how outsized her power is compared with that of other market movers…. no one comes close to Oprah’s clout: Publishers estimate that her power to sell a book is anywhere from 20 to 100 times that of any other media personality.”

        That speaks for itself how many people think she’s the bee’s knees, although personally, I don’t.

        • doris s. says:

          I have a question if you don’t mind: how does a player know WHEN he can ring in and the buzzer is “released”? I don’t see a light or hear a sound, and over the years sometimes Alex was still reading the last letter of a clue, somebody rang in and got through. At other occasions sometimes Alex was done reading, somebody rang in IMMEDIATELY and locked himself out. If a person “unlocks” the buzzer, there HAS to be a fraction of a tenth of a second difference after clues. A person is not a machine. I am asking because yesterday I knew the “AA” answer as soon as i saw the “12”. Synonymous for AA, NA etc. And I remember a game show a long time ago (don’t remember the name though) where a light came on, visible for all players. Wouldn’t that be more accurate and fairer? Just thinking…??HOW do they know when it’s safe yet not too late to ring in??
          Thanks in advance!

        • doris s. says:

          Not even close. Get’s to show you that a lot of people just seemed to hang on her every word and that her word was the ultimate revelation…Maybe I am prejudiced here since I am not exactly a big fan of Ms. Winfrey to put it very mildly.

        • Eric S says:

          Doris: there is a light that goes on at the side of the clueboard which the audience can not see (maybe from the VIP side, though). My guess is that is when the buzzers become active.