Final Jeopardy: Islands

The Final Jeopardy question (2/10/2014), in the category “Islands” was:

In a satellite photo, volcanic activity can be seen on this 10,000-square-mile island

Today is the first day of the 2014 College Tournament. The first three contestants are: Whitney Thompson, a junior (Oklahoma) from Tulsa, OK; Sarah Stevens, a sophomore (Delaware) from Dover, DE; and James Fulwiler, a junior (Temple) from Baltimore, MD.

Whitney found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Names in Nature” under the $800 clue. She was in second place with $2,400, $400 less than James’ lead. She bet $600 and said amoebas. That was WRONG.

They have only one cell each but can take pride in their name, from the Greek for “first animals”. show

Whitney finished in the lead with $6,200. James was second with $3,400 and Sarah was last and in the red for $200.

Whitney found the first Daily Double in “Ancient History” under the $2,000 clue. She was in a tie for the lead with James at $7,200. They both had $4,600 more than Sarah in second place. She bet $600 and thought it was Cairo. That was WRONG.

In 439 A.D. Genseric the Vandal captured this North African city, which became the vandal capital. show

James found the last Daily Double in “Famous Homes” under the $800 clue. In the lead with $7,800, he was $1,000 ahead of Whitney in second place. He bet $1,000 and he was RIGHT.

Peacefield in Quincy, MA was the mansion of this man who purchased it in 1787. show

Whitney and James finished in tie for the lead with $10,000, but James got dinged on a prior response and went into second place at $9,200. Sarah was last with $6,200.

NONE of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


“Mt. Etna, Sicily’s restless volcano, continued its nearly-continuous activity in mid-March, 2013. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) aboard NASA’s Aqua satellite captured a volcanic plume rising from snow-clad Etna on March 19, 2013. Mount Etna is Europe’s tallest and most active volcano, with an eruptive history reaching back more than 2,000 years. ” (Space Ref: Image of the Day 3/30/2013)

Sarah wrote down Siciiy but crossed it out in favor of Crete. That cost her $4,800. She finished with $1,400.

James wrote down Fiji. He bet it and lost it all.

Whitney wrote down Crete, too, but didn’t bet anything so she won the match with $10,000 and is first to advance to the semi-finals.

Jeopardy Calendar Clue of the Day: ($600) Organizations & Awards

The Caldecott and Newbery Medals are administered by a division of the ALA, this organization. show

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11 Responses

  1. john blahuta says:

    yes, the strait of siciliy was a dead giveaway. living in hawaii, the “big island”, came to mind too, but it’s only about 4.000 square miles. plus, the shape of sicily is – at least for a european- unmistakable. great picture, btw! what i would give to take a few orbits in the ISS!!!

  2. Keith says:

    Not sure how that was a triple stumper… real *facepalm* moment there. You could see the boot of Italy in the photo above it..

    • john blahuta says:

      i like the expression “facepalm”…hits the nail right on the head!

      • Keith says:

        Haha yeah, it’s just crazy though! I could not believe it. What is wrong with college and HS kids today? I graduated HS in 2002, so I’m not that old… but we learned things while I was in school. The teachers were good, the curriculum was good, we were all better behaved, too. Now, it seems like the college and teen tournament is dumbed down a little more each year and it still doesn’t help. What are kids learning in school today? Are they just not paying attention? Too busy playing on their phones all day and tweeting, garbage like that? I seriously just don’t understand what the problem is with kids now, each year they seem to learn less and less, with the exception of a few. Just……strange. Very strange!

        • Jibbles says:

          How many times have you been on Jeopardy?

        • Keith says:

          Touché… but college kids should know basic things like where Sicily is located. They aren’t typical J! Contestants that have been out of the classroom for a couple decades. The knowledge should be fresh, this FJ was 7th grade geography level.

        • john blahuta says:

          that’s not the point. there are millions of people who could run circles around j contestants. the chances to get on the show are miniscule when you consider the number of people living in the u.s. and canada. (i am not trying to be sarcastic, but how many times did we see YOU on j? you don’t have to be on the show, just look around you, listen and compare things to how they were 10,20 years ago :-)…. but if you are honest you have to admit that general knowledge is going down. we have top notch specialists in every field, but in the “middle class” (education-wise) ignorance is spreading, and fast. as far as the attitude of students is concerned…..just sit in a few classes, watch and listen…

        • john blahuta says:

          you are right. i am from europe, in hawaii for over 30 years now, still very much in touch with my old stomping grounds (austria). believe me, the same applies to europe. “general” knowledge is dwindling fast, because standards are lowered more and more for all the “immigrants”. one of my friends in vienna was a teacher at a “gymnasium”, somewhat the equivalent of HS and he became so frustrated with the decline and consequential level of education that he retired early.
          as far as the attitude goes: in europe the class is not moving, but the teachers. the class is always in the same room. we had somebody always looking around the corner and when the teacher entered the classroom we stood at attention. today a teacher is lucky if he’s not shot….and the most scary thing is that those under-educated and violent youngsters will run the country one day. o tempora, o mores….

        • john blahuta says:

          and one more thing, keith. even when out of school for 20 years, a volcano in southern europe SHOULD be general knowledge. but that’s the problem i often discussed with europeans and americans: in america, if it’s not IN america, who cares..??
          indifference and not seldom ignorance reign supreme. but there are other places other than the u.s. a whole planet full. and when parents are that way, how much of an example or motivation are they for their children?? sometimes i have the feeling this country is going to h*** in a handbasket, and fast.

        • john blahuta says:

          again, i agree with you 100% and it IS getting worse by the year it seems. all those video games and stuff….tuesday all 3 got a rather mind numbing domestic political clue, because it was TWEETED…need i say more?

        • Keith says:

          Haha, man I knew as soon as that clue was revealed that all three would get it instantly. Kinda sad, really….