Final Jeopardy: Sports Term History

The Final Jeopardy question (12/11/2013), in the category “Sports Term History” was:

After throwing a long last-second touchdown in 1975, Roger Staubach said: “I closed my eyes and said” this.

New champ Meredith Larson won $19,900 in yesterday’s game. In her second game, she takes on these two players:  Sam Bernhard, from Blacksburg, VA; and Donna Fairweather-Foley, from Huntington, NY.

Meredith found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Caesar.” She was in third place with $1,800, $3,600 less than Donna in the lead. She made it a true Daily Double and she was RIGHT.

If he’d been emperor of Egypt, his name would have been Nileius. show

Donna finished in the lead with $5,400. Meredith was second with $4,600 and Sam was last with $3,400.

Donna found the first Daily Double in “‘P’s on Earth” on the second pick of the round. She was in the lead with $5,800, $1,200 ahead of Meredith in second place. She bet $1,800 and she was RIGHT.

The grave of this founder of a U.S. State is at Old Jordans Cemetery, Buckinghamshsire, England. show

Meredith found the last Daily Double in “Audio Book Performers.” In the lead with $19,400, she had $8,200 more than Donna in second place. She bet $1,000, and she was RIGHT.

Andrew Sachs, who played a Spaniard among Brits on “Fawlty Towers” reads this 1859 “Tale” of a Brit among the French. show

Meredith finished in the lead with $21,600. Donna was next with $11,200 and Sam was in third place with $5,400.

ALL of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


“In the closing seconds of a 1975 NFC divisional playoff game, the Cowboys and Roger Staubach found themselves down 14-10, at midfield with 24 seconds left. Previously, the last-ditch desperation heave had been known as an “Alley-Oop.” But when Staubach heaved the ball in wideout Drew Pearson’s direction, he closed his eyes and said a Hail Mary.” (Sports Illustrated)

Sam bet it all and finished with $10,800.

Donna bet $11,000, finishing with $22,200.

Meredith bet $1,201 so she won the match with $22,801. Her 2-day total is $42,701.

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9 Responses

  1. john blahuta says:

    and one more tidbit: toni fritsch, the dallas kicker was an austrian football = soccer player. so even a small country like austria has a part of american football history!!!

  2. john blahuta says:

    p.s.: i have to correct myself. the flag was really not recognizable, flying – it seems to me- in a direction to or away from the viewer, not sideways, plus it was small and almost all flags have white, red and blue in them. it was also visible for a short time only. so j, you are forgiven, no portofino for me today…….:):):)

    • vj says:

      In the youtube, it’s not really noticeable but on TV, you could see the white on top, red bottom of the lone star flag. Actually South Carolina has the same set up only the red is on top. State flags

      • john blahuta says:

        agree. but as you also said: 30 seconds. take the hawaiian flag: the union jack (ensign) and then 3 white,3 blue and 2 white stripes……..i think 90 % of flags have a combo of red/white/blue.
        as far as football goes: let me assure you, since i came here 30 years ago it was known as a “hail mary”. still is, i am catholic and not offended. on the contrary- catholics are proud (i think) that qbs put their trust in mary. the SI reporter must have been a rookie or a basketball fan. it will always be a “hail mary” as long as football will exist. even i as a foreigner know that… and when a football game is on, people would sell their souls to the devil for a win :) in older days a game green bay/tampa bay or even today dallas/washington is more important (at least until the final whistle) than many souls…. btw txs for taking the “oops” out.-aloha j.

  3. john blahuta says:

    again, ALMOST a runaway. but if the numbers are right (have not seen the show yet)they really don’t give them calculators, do they? (801.00 was all m. needed). btw, the writer in SI who connects a football pass with “alley- oop” had maybe too many concussions or watched the wrong game!!?? “alley-oop” is basketball. WHO in the world connects that with football? nobody who has ANY connection with it. to connect “alley-oop” with football is almost blasphemy to a football fan…..::)anyone who has ever seen – or was forced to see- a football game knew the answer to today’s clue. this fj was almost for the children’s tournament……..
    as far as yesterday’s flag in fj was concerned: if the j people missed it, what are the chances that contestants under pressure pick it up. but it WAS certainly a blunder. a big one at that. just imo…

    • vj says:

      well, I got that alley oop info off Sports Illustrated — follow the link. Don’t really know a lot about sports, but I’d bet some Catholics are offended by the pass being called that.

      As for the flag showing, yes, crazy! Even crazier, we showed the clip to someone right here in Texas. My daughter said, c’mon I’ve been there! He wouldn’t take a guess. I said c’mon she just told you where it is. How many state capitals do you think she’s been to? He said NJ? (where she was born though she’s never been to Trenton). After I said Austin (daughter’s 8th gr. school trip), he said he thought that was the Texas flag. Ya, but you only get 30 seconds!