Braveheart: 1995 Best Picture

With 5 Oscars, Braveheart won half of its nominations at the 68th Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. The other nominees for Best Picture were “Apollo 13”, “Babe”, “Il Postino: The Postman” and “Sense and Sensibility.”

The acting awards went to four completely different titles: Best Actor went to Nicolas Cage for “Leaving Las Vegas”. Susan Sarandon won Best Actress for “Dead Man Walking”. Kevin Spacey got the Best Supporting Actor award for “The Usual Suspects” and Mira Sorvino won Best Supporting Actress for “Mighty Aphrodite.”

Top Ten at the Box Office: “Die Hard with a Vengeance”, “Toy Story”, “Apollo 13”, “GoldenEye”, “Pocahontas”, “Batman Forever”, “Seven”, “Casper”, Waterworld” and “Jumanji”. Other memorable film titles from 1995 included “Dead Presidents”, “Get Shorty”, “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls”, “Casino”, “Dolores Claiborne”, “Judge Dredd”, “Showgirls” and “Vampire in Brooklyn”.

And here is a clip from our favorite version of “Les Miserables” starring Jean-Paul Belmondo. If it’s too long, just watch a couple of minutes to get a sense of how the story is told against the backdrop of World War II. In the first scene here, Henri Fortin helps the Ziman family escape Nazi-occupied France. Belmondo plays 3 roles: Henri Fortin, Jean Valjean and Fortin’s father. The child in the truck playing the Zimans’ daughter is director Claude Lelouch’s real daughter Salomé.

Jeopardy! clues on “Braveheart”
PREMIERE $400: When this 1995 film premiered in Scotland, director Mel Gibson wore a kilt & danced the Highland Fling
BEST PICTURE OSCAR WINNERS $800: Mel Gibson won Oscars for producing & directing this 1995 Best Picture
FILM EPICS $400: Mel Gibson charges into battle as Scottish avenger William Wallace in this 1995 epic
MOVIES BY CHARACTERS $1600: 1995: Longshanks, Princess Isabelle, Robert the Bruce

More 1995 film clues:
DISNEY FILM VOICES $2000: In a 1995 film Oscar winner Linda Hunt played this title heroine’s grandmother willow
THAT MOVIE DID A NUMBER ON ME $1200: (Morgan Freeman presents the clue.) I played Detective Somerset in this 1995 film where Kevin Spacey left Brad Pitt a very unwanted gift
FROM BOOK TO FILM $800: The Dick King-Smith book on which this 1995 film was based is subtitled “The Gallant Pig”
NO. 1 AT THE BOX OFFICE $200: This 1995 smash was inspired by the Pixar short film “Tin Toy”
STREEP TEASE $1600: For a SAG award, Susan Sarandon’s “Dead Man Walking” work beat Meryl’s romance with Clint in this 1995 film
THE CON FILM FESTIVAL $1600: Gabriel Byrne, Stephen Baldwin, Benicio del Toro, Kevin Pollak & Kevin Spacey are the title figures of this 1995 film
MOVIES AT SEA $1600: This 1995 film with Kevin Costner as a “manphibian” (he had gills!) cost an estimated $175 million
ACTORS’ MOVIE QUOTES $5,000 (Daily Double): 1995: “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”
MUSICAL MOVIE TITLES $2000: In this 1995 film Richard Dreyfuss finds it easier to reach the kids in his music class than his deaf son
MOVIE SPOILERS $800: The disabled Kevin Spacey seems to be the killer Keyser Soze in this 1995 film
VEGAS FILMS $800: One review said this 1995 Elizabeth Berkley film was “’42nd Street’ meets ‘All About Eve’ meets soft-core porn”
FROM PAGE TO SCREEN $400: “Lost Moon” by astronaut Jim Lovell launched this 1995 film
“EYE”, MATEY! $2000: Ian Fleming’s Jamaican holiday home, or the title of a 1995 James Bond film
MOVIES THAT ARE ALL WET $1200: The overinflated budget of this moist 1995 film earned it the nickname “Kevin’s Gate”
DINNER & A MOVIE $1000: The Pizza Planet is home to the 3-eyed aliens who worship the Claw in this 1995 film
ED-UCATION $2000: In 1995 he wrote, directed & starred in his first film, “The Brothers McMullen”
HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES! $800: You’ve got a friend in this 1995 film: John Lasseter, Randy Newman
SOMEBODY WROTE THAT $1200: Christopher McQuarrie introduced us to the mysterious Keyser Soze in this 1995 film
THE 3rd FILM IN THE SERIES $800: “With a Vengeance”, not “III”, came after this in the title of a 1995 film
FITS HUGH $400: Hugh tried to woo Emma in this 1995 film based on a Jane Austen novel
BOOK TO MOVIE $3,400 (Daily Double): 1995 film based on “Lost Moon” by Jim Lovell & Jeffrey Kluger
BEFORE & AFTER $200: 1995 film in which actor Beau’s brother has a love affair in Iowa with Meryl Streep
CHRIS COLUMBUS $1600: Chris adpated this 1995 comedy with Hugh Grant from the French film “Neuf Mois”
YOU SAY POTATO $300: Don Rickles voiced Mr. Potato Head in this 1995 film
FILMS OF THE ’90s $200: Who could forget Demi Moore as Hester Prynne in this 1995 film?
3-NAMED CELEBRITIES $500: In 1995 she made her feature film debut in “The Baby-Sitters Club”; in 1999 she proved “She’s All That”
THE REEL WORLD $200: Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of this president in a 1995 film was a bit more serious than Dan Hedaya’s in 1999
‘TOON IN $400: This first completely computer-generated feature film was released in 1995
ACTING PRESIDENTS $1,000 (Daily Double): In a 1995 film he played Andrew Shepherd, “The American President” who romanced Annette Bening
THE CINEMA $400: This martial artist’s 1995 film “Hung Fan Kui” was released in the U.S. as “Rumble in the Bronx”
THE CINEMA OF JOHNNY DEPP $800: In a 1995 film co-starring Marlon Brando, Depp believes he is this legendary lover
YOUR FILM DAYS ARE NUMBERED $600: Bruce Willis tries to save the world when he’s sent back in time to stop a plague in this 1995 film
JOHN TRAVOLTA FILMS $300: John played a Miami mobster who wanted to make movies in this 1995 film
THE CINEMA $100: Scenes in this 1995 Oliver Stone film include the Checkers Speech & the summit in China
I DON’T KNOW $100: It’s how the 1995 film with Alicia Silverstone as a girl named Cher should leave you
WEATHER TERMS $800: Director Michael Mann took his name off this 1995 DeNiro-Pacino film in protest of NBC’s editing of it
SHAKESPEARE’S FILMS $600: In a 1995 film starring Ian McKellen, this Shakespearean history is transported to the 1930s
DON’T DO THIS $200: In February 1998 the Pentagon said its computers had been invaded by these, the title of a 1995 film
MEL BROOKS MOVIES $100: According to the title of Mel’s 1995 film, this vampire is “Dead and Loving It”
THE “BIG” SCREEN $1000: If Disney starts a soccer team, they’ll probably name it for this 1995 film with Olivia d’Abo
THE MOVIES $500: “The Edge” reunited Anthony Hopkins with Bart the Bear, who was pitted against Brad Pitt in this 1995 film
CALIFORNIA HERE I COME FILMS $800: In this 1995 film, Whoopi, Mary-Louise & Drew head to San Diego
BILL PULLMAN FILMS $200: In this 1995 film, Pullman was cast as Christina Ricci’s friendly “ghost therapist” dad
___ IN THE ___ $1000: In this 1995 film Christian Slater defends Alcatraz inmate Kevin Bacon after he kills another prisoner
PULITZER PRIZE BIOGRAPHIES $1000: The 1995 HBO film “Truman” was based on this man’s 1993 EDDIE MURPHY MOVIES $300: “A Nightmare on Elm Street”‘s Wes Craven directed Eddie in this 1995 comedy-horror film
THE MOVIES $500: Charles Barkley & other NBA stars had cameos in this 1995 film in which Billy Crystal played an NBA referee
THE OSCARS $600: The 2 actors nominated for their performances in this 1995 film were Ed Harris & Kathleen Quinlan
IT’S THE PITT’S $1000: The 2 Brad Pitt films released in 1995 with numbers in their titles
HOLLYWOOD FAMILIES $400: Last name of composer cousins Randy & Thomas, who were both Oscar-nominated for scoring 1995 films
THE MOVIES $300: In November 1995 this second “Ace Ventura” film had the biggest 3-day opening of any comedy in history
SHAKESPEAREAN ACTORS $600: In 1995 he played Iago to Laurence Fishburne’s Othello; in 1996 he starred in his own film of “Hamlet”
THE MOVIES $200: In the title of a 1995 film, this actress’ name follows “To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything….”
ACTORS & THEIR ROLES $500: Joan Allen earned an Oscar nomination for playing this famous woman in a 1995 film
ACTORS & ACTRESSES $800: Denzel Washington rode into Venice on a submarine to promote this 1995 film
MONKEY BUSINESS $100: The title of this 1995 Bruce Willis film refers to a group that may have lauched a deadly plague
POP MUSIC $100: This 1995 Disney film won Oscars for its musical score & for best song, “Colors Of The Wind”
THE 68th OSCARS $500 (Daily Double): Ironically, the envelope was missing when this film from Italy won a 1995 Oscar for its musical score
THE MOVIES $100: Ron Howard received the 1995 Directors Guild of America Award for this Tom Hanks film
THE MOVIES $100: In a 1995 post-apocalyptic film, Sylvester Stallone played this judge who served as jury and executioner
THE MOVIES $200: In June 1995 this Val Kilmer film had the biggest 3-day opening to that date— $52.8 million
CINEMATIC SIBLINGS $200: Emma Thompson & Kate Winslet earned Oscar nominations for playing the Dashwood sisters in this 1995 film
ACTORS & ACTRESSES $600: In a 1995 film this Irish actor portrayed Scottish outlaw Rob Roy
“NIGHT” MOVIES $200: At a June 1995 auction, the white suit John Travolta wore in this film sold for $145,500
THE MOVIES $200: Annette Bening wins the heart of the chief executive played by Michael Douglas in this 1995 film
WINONA RYDER FILMS $400: Anne Bancroft co-starred with Winona in this 1995 film about the sewing of a wedding gift
ACTRESSES $400: This wife of Tom Cruise starred as sexy psychopath Suzanne Stone in the 1995 film “To Die For”

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