Empire Recap: Angelo Gets the Beatdown

In “Absent Child” (5-10-17) Cookie arranged for Angelo to get the beatdown from Shine and his thugs. He was tied to a chair and Cookie sashayed in to inform him that all the things his mama told him about her were true. She is ghetto and she is hood. Angelo pleaded with her to stop them from punching his lights out but Cookie did not believe that the Dubois family had nothing to do with Children’s Services showing up and taking Baby Bella off to be lost in a jumble of legal motions and bureaucratic red tape. It’s like who else would have that kind of power besides the Dubois family?

Taye Diggs as Angelo Dubois on Empire

At this point, Angelo really was ignorant as to Bella’s whereabouts

Such physical measures usually result in loosening the lips of those with guilty knowledge. But Angelo really didn’t know anything. Maybe Cookie believed that because she doesn’t think he is tough enough to keep his mouth shut while getting his head handed to him; or maybe she believed him because he warned her that she would not get away with this. If he had anything to do with taking Bella, the police would be the last place he’d want to go.

Angelo really is just a big mama’s boy. He ran to Diana who cleaned him up and put some butterfly bandages on his wounds. Angelo told her that he was going to put every one of the Lyons behind bars now. That’s when Diana picked up a little bell and rang it. “Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures,” she informed him.

Phylicia Rashad as Diana Dubois on Empire

Lordy, now Angelo knows! His own mama babynapped little Bella

A nanny came in with “the newest member of the Dubois family.” Diana said the Lyons ruined one of hers so she took one of theirs. What is Angelo going to do now? This is all too funny! You almost feel sorry for him. One day he was on his way to being the mayor and marrying the woman that he broke the law for. Now he’s caught between Ghetto Cookie and his baby-stealin’ mama. Looks like he’ll have to break some more laws!

Even funnier was Andre Lyon finally deciding to do something about Anika killing his wife and unborn child. She was all alone in a big room at the Lyon mansion when Andre spotted her. He strode in, turned and locked the door, saying they had some unfinished business to take care of.

Trai Byers and Grace Gealey Byers on Empire

Andre! Rhonda ain’t gonna like this solution.

Before Anika could even collect her wits, he came bounding across the room like a big galoot and attacked her! Rhonda told him that she killed their baby and now she was gonna pay! Andre began choking her and Anika begged him to kill her. She said she deserves it because she wanted to be a Lyon so badly, she sold her soul and now her baby is gone, too. Well, that was all Andre needed to know. He wasn’t going to put her out of her misery. He dramatically told her to suffer like he does and left the room. That was just so unexpected and felt so dropped in there. It was like the writers thought omg! we forgot to tie up that loose thread– let’s stick it in here. But are they really going to drop that now? In Andre’s crazy world, Rhonda isn’t going to be cool with this. Anika will get her baby back and be happy again. Rhonda will still be an unavenged ghost.

Andre’s behavior was just so erratic in this episode. At a meeting in Vegas, Marcone told Cookie that he was “pazzo.” (People usually don’t tell someone’s mother that their son is crazy, do they? Least of all, Lyon mothers like Cookie.) Andre started a fight with Shine and he mistreated Nessa after just standing there when Cookie smacked her in the puss. Homeboy’s going off the deep end for real.

What else was funny in this episode? Oh yeah. Lucious asked his mother if she thinks he’s a good father. “You’re not even a good person,” she replied.

What wasn’t funny: Lucious telling Cookie that he has decided to stay with Giuliana. Cookie acted so hurt. She turned and reminded Lucious that she did 17 years for him. Giuliana thanked her for that and gloated: “I’ll take it from here.” We must admit that if it was not for this attitude that Giuliana has, we might like her better with Lucious than Cookie. We wouldn’t hold it against her that she’s shady. So is Cookie. Giuliana just seems to have more self-control. But there is just something very ugly about Giuliana’s personality so we hope she joins her husband in the morgue soon, or however they write her off the show. Any which way will do.

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