Duke Suspends Grayson Allen Indefinitely

Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski announced that star guard Grayson Allen would be suspended indefinitely after Allen deliberately tripped Steven Santa Ana in the first half of Duke’s 72-61 win over Elon on December 21st. It was the third time Allen has tripped an opposing player during a game in 2016. He also tripped Louisville’s Ray Spalding on February 8th, and Florida State’s Xavier Rathan-Mayes on February 25th. Apparently, it’s three strikes and you’re out, as this is the first suspension for Allen.

Allen was given a technical foul for the incident, and then threw a fit on the bench, where Krzyzewski placed Allen for much of the remainder of the Elon game. Allen later apologized to Santa Ana and the public. Krzyzewski’s public responses to Allen’s behaviors have been lukewarm at best, and the press and social media have been all over the player and coach. Krzyzewski finally noticed– or could no longer ignore– the pressure for substantial action and announced the indefinite suspension on the morning of December 22nd.

How long the suspension actually lasts is speculation of course. Duke’s next game is New Year’s Eve at Virginia Tech, the ACC opener for both teams. Though unranked, Virginia Tech is 10-1. Duke then hosts 6-4 Georgia Tech on January 4th and 6-6 Boston College on January 7th. We figure that will probably be it as the Blue Devils will be at #10 Louisville on January 14th. Adam Schein of Sirius/XM radio’s Mad Dog Sports, called Allen “a dirty punk” and a “thug” (don’t hold back Adam, tell us how you really feel) applauded the suspension and was fine with a game suspension for each incident, and figured Allen would be reinstated for the Louisville game.

We’re not sure if Allen’s issues are immaturity, lack of anger management, both, or something else but we hope this serves as either a wakeup call or a signal that he needs some other help for deeper problems, and that he receives it. (He also risks getting his ass kicked by an enraged opponent). Allen has the talent to compete in the NBA, but some general managers will decide that the headaches outweigh the benefits if he can’t control himself better.

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