Dandy Quotes: Tupperware Party Massacre

There are murderous maniacs. And there are cunning murderous maniacs. And then there’s Dangerous Dandy Mott, a cunning murderous maniac with millions. Dandy went on quite the spree in the Tupperware Party Massacre And here are some of the things he had to say:

  • I’ve had a few recent misadventures with the fairer sex.
  • Now you’re my puppet, mother. Let’s play a game. Mother, you be Dot. Avon Lady, whose name I don’t know, you get to play the part of Bette!
  • You have true talent. It would be a shame to waste the powers inside of you.
  • I’m your god, Jimmy, and I’ve decided that you need to suffer. I’m going to destroy you and everything you love. It will be so much fun.
  • Regina! I knew you’d come back.
  • Regina, I killed your mother.
  • I believe I am living my destiny. I’m finally happy.
  • Take a bath with me, Regina. Like when we were little. I have so many questions for you.
  • I am a god. A god who has chosen to walk among men.
  • Stop acting so scared of me. Get in the tub!
  • I’m above the law! Beyond the law! I am the law!
  • My mother taught me the importance of decorum.
  • I have seen the face of god and he is looking at me from the mirror.
  • The Mott family owns the biggest brand of frozen foods across America. You’d be surprised at how much money can be made one block of spinach at a time.

So there was a method behind Dandy’s madness. Revenge on Jimmy Darling and to spare himself the anguish of killing his childhood friend.

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