Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Trident Gum Challenge

In the second hour of Celebrity Apprentice (1-2-2017), Team Arete and Team Prima took on the Your Smile’s Gonna Knock Them Out challenge to promote Trident’s “Cherish Your Teeth” campaign. The company’s representatives, John Ghingo and Katie Williams, were on hand to explain that the apprentices had to create an original song and original video, capturing all different types of smiles. They would be judged on campaign integration, creativity and overall entertainment value. Team Prima was short one member with Carrie Keegan fired, but Eric Dickerson was absent from Team Arete for this one, so the teams were even there.

The women elected Carnie Wilson their project manager and the men went with Jon Lovitz.

The ladies quickly decided on centering their video around Laila Ali with a “knockout smile” concept. Then they picked Snooki to be her opponent and knock out the champ with just her smile. They just totally ignored or forgot Katie Williams’ words about all different types of smiles and missed the boat again. Lisa Leslie voiced this concern but the other members of Team Prima were just sold on the knockout smile theme.

The men discarded Jon Lovitz’ bad teeth idea and went with something more in line with what the executives wanted: different things that make you smile. Everyone had a little part in the video, even Jon Lovitz’ dog, Jerry Bruckheimer III. After both teams resolved their editing squabbles, here are the finished videos they presented:

The Trident execs were at least amused by the ladies’ video. They did not crack one smile at the men’s and were particularly put off by the chicken wings part. Nonetheless, the men won again. Why? Because following directions is important. Jon Lovitz won $50,000 for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, dedicated to treating and defeating childhood cancer.

The women went through the same shtick as the first task, not wanting to name 2 people to join Carnie in the boardroom. Clearly, since it was Kyle’s concept that made them lose, she should have been one but Lisa was pretty vocal about her disapproval of the concept. That put her on Carnie’s “you got to go” list. Snooki simply could not bring herself to say who she thought would be fired and Carnie just put an end to her torture by announcing that she would bring Snooki and Lisa back. What was Carnie thinking? Before they went in for the final showdown, Lisa told Carnie that she made a bad mistake there and that proved to be true. The Governor felt that Carnie should have brought Kyle back in and because she failed to do so, she got terminated, with “Hasta la vista” thrown in for good measure.

Click here for up-to-date terminations

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