Boardwalk Empire Characters: Season Five Fatalities

There were only 8 episodes in Boardwalk Empire Season 5 but there were certainly a lot more than 8 dead bodies.

In the first episode, “Golden Days for Boys and Girls“, Joe “the Boss” Maranzano was set up by Lucky Luciano and shot to death by Tonino Sandrelli and Benny Siegel.  At the brokerage firm of Conors & Gould, Margaret’s crooked boss, Mr. Bennett, blew his own brains out in front of everyone. Chalky White was on a chain gang when a riot broke out and various prison guards were killed, including the one who was guarding Chalky. Another prisoner named Milton threatened Chalky with a gun but changed his mind upon learning of Chalky’s prowess with the telephone. They escaped together. In Cuba, a man with a machete tried to kill Nucky Thompson but Nucky’s Cuban bodyguard, Arquimedes, managed to take him out and deprive his corpse of one ear.

In Episode 2, The Good Listener, two members of Greasy Jake Guzik’s crew named Jack and Joey were killed in the heist pulled by Eli Thompson and Nelson Van Alden, who needed to repay Al Capone $20 grand. They paid Capone back with his own money and somehow got away with that one.  In New York, Tonino Sandrelli’s side-switching days came to an end after he tried to switch over to Team Nucky. Arquimedes killed him and another ear went missing. In the flashbacks to Nucky’s childhood, his sister, Susan, passed away.

In What Jesus Said, Episode 3,  Chalky kills Milton in the course of their attempted robbery of a house where a woman named Marie lives with her teenage daughter Fern. Chalky prevented Milton from harming the young girl and the ladies let him leave with their last $9.00. In the flashbacks, a man named Mr. Beckert kills a woman in the Corner Hotel that he had told young Nucky he was in love with. We don’t really see Mr. Beckert get killed but are led to believe through a conversation young Nucky has with Sheriff Lindsay that he was. Benny Siegel and another thug kill the doorman at Valentin Narcisse’s brothel and a roomful of prostitutes after the Doctor rebuffed the “protection” offered by Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky.

In Episode 4, Cuanto, Sally Wheet is shot by a Cuban soldier right in the middle of trying to explain what all she ever tried to do in this world was about. One of Capone’s gang bore the brunt of the “big guy’s” anger at Lucky Luciano. Capone murdered the poor fellow using the miniature Empire State Building that Luciano brought as a gift from New York as a weapon.

In Episode 5, King of Norway, there was an assassination attempt on both Nucky and Salvatore Maranzano that took out a bunch of people, but not the intended targets.  In a flashback segment, Pat Halligan is killed for having the temerity to try to put the “squeeze” on the Commodore.

In Devil You Know, Episode 6, Nelson Van Alden flips out on Al Capone and that’s the last person he ever flips out on. He is shot in the head by Mike D’Angelo who can’t let him or Eli blow his cover. Chalky White exchanges his life to give Daughter Maitland and her child, Althea, a chance to be free of Valentin Narcisse and lets the Doctor’s men execute him firing squad-style.

In Episode 7, Friendless Child, Mickey Doyle and Arquimedes are killed in the “hostage exchange” confrontation between Nucky and Luciano. Benny Siegel is released but Luciano holds on to Willie Thompson until Nucky has his men kill Salvatore Maranzano.

In Episode 8, Eldorado, Dr. Valentin Narcisse and his man Clarence are gunned down on the way out of a church service on Luciano’s direct order. Joe Harper reveals himself to be Tommy Darmody and kills Nucky Thompson.

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