Best Quotes from Empire: “Death Will Have His Day”

“Empire” returned on March 30, 2016 with its spring premiere “Death Will Have His Way” which is actually the 11th episode of Season 2. The title comes from Shakespeare’s “Richard II” (Act III, Scene 2).

Here are the lines we liked the best:

Lucious refuses to leave Empire after Hakeem cast his vote to oust him as CEO. Thirsty Rawlings says:

“Hey, Lucious, I’m down, okay?” (takes out a gun) I mean, I am down. (takes out another gun)

Cookie confronts her son for his treason. Hakeem tells his mother that his father had it coming and she says:

“We all got it coming, sooner or later. But you getting ready to have it coming now, if you don’t take your vote back.”

Then she beats the hell out of him with a broom!

Cookie and Lucious discuss Hakeem’s treachery and Lucious wonders how Hakeem turned out to be so rotten. Cookie replies:

Well, maybe the apple don’t fall too far from the tree.

Cookie can’t believe that Hakeem will pick Camilla over his own family. Hakeem says:

“At least she don’t beat me with a purse.”

(It was a broom, little Lyon cub)

Lucious makes his own plans:

I’ll take care of Fredo.

Anika visits Rhonda after pushing her down the stairs, causing her to miscarry the heir to the Lyon Empire.

“Honey, there’ll be another heir.”

She fails to mention that it’s in her tummy and Hakeem put it there.

Jamal and Hakeem discuss what’s more important: love or legacy. Jamal says:

“if you’re willing to give up Empire for a girl, how much did you really want it to begin with?”

Hakeem becomes CEO of Empire:

“I ain’t scared of no bitch-ass Lucious Lyon”

As Godfather fans, the Fredo reference is our favorite. What’s yours?

Watch the B-Side with Ta-Rhonda Jones

The Who Said It quote in the video is: “You like stabbing people in the back? Shoot me in the back!” The answer: show

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