Beat Shazam Recap: June 29, 2017

Last week, Beat Shazam was quite a trip, with a million dollar winner for the first time. Jamie Foxx and October Gonzalez returned for the fifth episode of the series on 6/29/2017, and we know everyone’s hoping that the winner scores big. Five songs per round was back, with no explanation, just like there was none when it dropped to four per round.

Here are the teams with the nicknames we gave them.

  • Long Beach: Bandmates, Elliot and Siri. They’re old school.
  • Sorority Sisters: Gina and Madeline, from Toledo, Ohio, are singing sorority sisters
  • J-OZ: Joy and Oz, a musical couple who met at a club and just celebrated their one-year anniversary

If you have not seen this episode and still plan to, STOP READING.
The correct responses and scores after each song are in this recap.

Round 1 – Dance Hits
First 4 are worth $1000 each. The last one (Fast Track) is worth $2000.
1. “Gonna Make You Sweat” (C+C Music Factory)
Long Beach $1000 Sorority Sisters $0 J-OZ $0
Elliott and Siri were the only ones who got it right
2. “Fly Like a G6” (Far East Movement)
Long Beach $1000 Sorority Sisters $1000 J-OZ $0
All were right, but Gina and Madeline got it in 1.31
3. “Be My Lover” (La Bouche)
Long Beach $1000 Sorority Sisters $1000 J-OZ $0
Everyone locked in “La Da Da Dee” (It’s Me)” 3-way fail.
4. “Lean On” (Major Lazer and DJ Snake Ft. MØ)
Long Beach $1000 Sorority Sisters $2000 J-OZ $0
All were right. Gina and Madeline in 1.25
5. (Fast Track) “I Need Your Love” (Calvin Harris Ft Ellie Goulding)
Long Beach $1000 Sorority Sisters $4000 J-OZ $0
Only the ladies in lime green got it right!

Round 2: 80s
First 4: $2000 each. Fast Track: $4000
1. “We Built This City” (Starship)
Long Beach $1000 Sorority Sisters $6000 J-OZ $0
Fastest out of 2 right.
2. “Time After Time” (Cyndi Lauper)
Long Beach $3000 Sorority Sisters $6000 J-OZ $0
Everyone got it, but Long Beach came in at 1.50.
3. “Rhythm of the Night” (DeBarge)
Long Beach $5000 Sorority Sisters $6000 J-OZ $0
Fastest out of 3 right, they nailed it in 1.64
4. “Funky Cold Medina” (Tone Loc)
Long Beach $5000 Sorority Sisters $6000 J-OZ $0
Incredibly, 2 picked his other hit “Wild Thing”; 1 picked “It’s Tricky”
5. (Fast Track) “Urgent” (Foreigner)
Long Beach $9000 Sorority Sisters $6000 J-OZ $0
Elliot and Siri score again, the only ones right

Oh the Fast Track! Long Beach passed the Singing Sorority Sisters with that last song and J-OZ are def in a jam! “Home is where the heart is,” Jamie told them, adding that’s where their butts will be if they don’t step it up in the next round.

Round 3: Snoop’s Playlist Snoop Dogg came out and gave each of the contestants a big hug and they all went into shock! But they recovered in time to play a round of songs picked by Tha Doggfather himself.
First 4: $3000 each. Fast Track: $6000. Third place goes home at end of round.
1. “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers)
Long Beach $12,000 Sorority Sisters $6000 J-OZ $0
Long Beach represent! Fastest out of 2 right
2. “Gimme the Light” (Sean Paul)
Long Beach $15,000 Sorority Sisters $6000 J-OZ $0
Long Beach again. .10 seconds faster than J-OZ.
3. “Party in the U.S.A.” (Miley Cyrus)
Long Beach $18,000 Sorority Sisters $6000 J-OZ $0
Long Beach again with the flick of the wrist over J-OZ. The Sorority Sisters keep missing the title!
4. “Beer for My Horses” (Toby Keith Ft. Willie Nelson)
Long Beach $21,000 Sorority Sisters $6000 J-OZ $0
Whoa! J-OZ and the Sisters can’t catch a break in this round!
5. (Fast Track) Reunited (Peaches & Herb)
Long Beach $27,000 Sorority Sisters $6000 J-OZ $0
They got it! Yeah, baby, they got it. The title, we mean. The only ones.

Long Beach dominated that round to the max. Joy and Oz certainly gave it their best and the musical stars were shining on their answers but the speed stars weren’t. So it was adios to them at this point.

Round 4: Divas
First 4: $5000 each. Fast Track: $10,000
1. “If I Could Turn Back Time” (Cher)
Long Beach $27,000 Sorority Sisters $11,000
The shoe’s on the other foot as Kappa Delta (they told Jamie their sorority name) alone got this one right
2. “I Will Always Love You” (Whitney Houston)
Long Beach $27,000 Sorority Sisters $16,000
Both right this time. The Sisters buzzed in first
3. “One Last Time (Ariana Grande)”
Long Beach $27,000 Sorority Sisters $21,000
Jamie: “This is like watching the Golden State Warriors come back”
4. “I’m Coming Out” (Diana Ross)
Long Beach $32,000 Sorority Sisters $21,000
Long Beach was back and 2 whole seconds faster, to boot
5. (Fast Track) “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” (Celine Dion)
Long Beach $32,000 Sorority Sisters $31,000
Both got it but, this time, Gina and Madeline were quicker on the draw

Jamie: “We got a championship fight on our hands right now.”

Round 5: Funk
First 4: $10,000 Fast Track: $20,000. Second place goes home with half their money.
1. “Dance to the Music” (Sly & the Family Stone)
Long Beach $42,000 Sorority Sisters $31,000
Both teams got it right. Long Beach was over a second faster.
2. “Uptown Funk” (Mark Ronson Ft. Bruno Mars)
Long Beach $42,000 Sorority Sisters $41,000
Fastest by .12 seconds.
3. “Mr. Big Stuff” (Jean Knight)
Long Beach $52,000 Sorority Sisters $41,000
A wrong title from Kappa Delta makes the time factor moot
4. “Tear the Roof off the Sucker (Give Up the Funk)” (Parliament)
Long Beach $62,000 Sorority Sisters $41,000
Both got it right but being *that much* quicker means Long Beach can’t be caught.
5. (Fast Track) “Hollywood Swinging” (Kool & the Gang)
Long Beach $82,000 Sorority Sisters $41,000

Gina and Madeline didn’t have the last song title right but they got half their winnings — $20,500 — to take back to the frat house. Not too shabby at all!

One Million Beat Shazam Round – 6 songs
First 5: $25,000 each. They only get a shot at the million if they get all 5 right. There are no more multiple choice screens and they have to know the song’s exact title before Shazam to be right.
1. Hip Hop: “Hot in Herre” (Nelly) $82,000 – Elliott gave the whole line, “it’s getting hot in here,” so the million is now out of reach
2. Classic Rock: “Fly Like an Eagle” (The Steve Miller Band) – $107,000
3. Party Songs: “Here Comes the Hotstepper” (Ini Kamoze) $132,000
4. Country: “The Gambler” (Kenny Rogers) $157,000
5. 2010s: “I Wanna Go” (Britney Spears) $157,000 – Siri thought it was called “Dance with Me’ though she had some reservations that it might be “Dance on Me” but it was neither.

Now they had to decide if they were taking that $157,000 home or taking a shot at doubling it to $314,000. If they don’t beat Shazam, they can only take home $78,500. To help them decide, they were given the Final Category: Motown. So tempting! But remember that Elliott thought the Hip Hop category was a sure thing at the beginning of this round and look what happened! Elliott’s heart said “yes” but his mind must have been thinking about that. Siri said if his heart was in it, he should do it because she was leaning toward “no.” They ultimately decided on an “old school” round of “rock, paper, scissors.” Siri won and that meant they were walking away.

Playing the last song for fun ain’t much fun at all when it turns out you know it instantly and they both did. Here is “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone,” the song The Temptations took to No. 1 in 1973.

Siri and Elliott played a great game and they took that last disappointment in good spirits. Siri plans to use her share of the winnings to go on a honeymoon with her husband, and Elliott wants to buy an engagement ring for the woman who stood by him through thick and thin.

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  1. karaokeman says:

    Whoa! that final song was way 2 easy. 2 bad they didn’t make that one first and the Nelly song last. They wouldn’t have felt bad about missing it at all.