Aretha’s Advice and Thanks

The Queen of Soul ain’t going nowhere just yet.

Aretha Franklin announced that she is fine only a month after undergoing emergency surgery for an undisclosed condition. Over the past few months, there have been reports that the legendary “Respect” singer has terminal cancer and only a year to live, but Aretha saw no reason to discuss her personal health with the press. She did relese a statement after her operation to let her fans know she was on a speedy path to recovery:

“The surgery was highly successful,” she said. “God is still in control. I had superb doctors and nurses whom were blessed by all the prayers of the city and the country. God bless you all for your prayers!”

Now in an interview with JET Magazine, all Aretha Franklin has to say on the topic is “I don’t have to talk about my health with anybody other than my doctors. The problem has been resolved.” She did say that the whole thing started with “a very hard pain” in her side, but pointed out that she’s not one “to do a lot of talking about my personal health or business. There are a lot of people who will talk about anything, as long as there is somebody listening. That’s not Aretha.”

Aretha also had this advice and thanks for her fans and well-wishers:

“If there is anything happening with you that is uncommon and something that you know should not be happening, go to your doctor. Be determined to find out what is going on.”

She said she will be forever grateful for the support of her friends and fans: “I want to thank my fans and friends and supporters who have prayed for me.”

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