Kevin Durant Scores 39 in 1st Game Against Thunder

Last season the Oklahoma City Thunder took Golden State to seven games in the NBA Western Conference Finals before finally succumbing to the Warriors. Based on that it looked like the Thunder were on the verge of great things. Then, Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City and signed as a free agent with Golden State and plunged his old team into a retooling mode.

On November 3rd, the Thunder played the Warriors in Oakland in the first matchup between the two teams since Durant’s departure. The reunion between Durant and Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook had all the warmth of a divorced couple forced to attend the same social function. Durant was pumped up for the game, and scored 39 points, including hitting a career high seven three point baskets, as the Warriors beat the Thunder 122-96. Westbrook had what for him was a relatively off night, “only” getting a double double, with 20 points and 10 rebounds. He was only 4 of 15 from the floor.

The two teams have three more regular season games. The Thunder will again play in Oakland on January 18th, and Durant will return to Oklahoma City for the first time on February 11th. The final game between the two will be in Oklahoma City on March 20th.

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