Final Jeopardy: Geography in the News

The Final Jeopardy question (6/17/2016) in the category “Geography in the News” was:

Mexico’s Programa Frontera Sur aims to secure its 600-mile-long border with this country.

New champ Liz Haigney Lynch won $28,500 yesterday after defeating 6x champ Hunter Appler. Today she faces these two challengers: Christopher Denault, from Carol Stream, IL; and David Sena, from Claremont, CA.

Round 1 Categories: Going ____ On Classical Music – A Sizable Category – Resorts – Animated Movies – Y, Oh Y – Because

David found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Resorts” under the $800 clue, with 3 clues remaining after it. He was in the lead with $6,800, $1,400 more than Liz in second place. He bet $2,000 and thought it was Sevastopol. That was WRONG.

The house built by Anton Chekhov in this Crimean resort is now a museum containing some of his personal items.  show

Liz finished in the lead with $6,400. David was second with $4,800 and Christopher was last with $3,800.

Round 2 Categories: Before & After – Which British Monarch’s Reign? – Earth Science – In the Zone – Teen Literature – Tough Aaron Spelling Women

Liz found the first Daily Double in “British Monarch’s Reign” under the $1,200 clue on the 4th pick. In the lead with $7,200, she had $1,600 more than David in second place. She bet $3,000 and she was RIGHT.

Oliver Cromwell enters Parliament. show

David found the last Daily Double in “Teen Literature” under the $1,200 clue. There were 5 clues left after it. He was in third place with $5,200 now, $13,000 less than Liz in the lead. He made it a true Daily Double and he was RIGHT.

A famous collection of Freud’s theories was 1917’s “Introductory Lectures on” this process. show

Liz finished in the lead with a runaway $21,000. David was next with $10,400 and Christopher was in third place with $7,400.

ALL of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


Following a child migrant crisis at the Mexican/USA border in 2014, Mexico’s Programa Frontera Sur (South Border Program) was implemented in the summer of that year in an attempt to slow the stream of illegal immigrants flowing over the Guatemalan border into Mexico on the way to the USA. Almost a year later, in May 2015, In These Times reported that “Migrants haven’t stopped coming; they’ve just been forced to find other, even more dangerous routes,” describing the plan as “the latest in a line of Mexican policies funded or tacitly endorsed by the United States that have failed to curb— and sometimes exacerbated— what the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) calls “one of the most severe humanitarian crises in the Western Hemisphere ….”

Also see WOLA’s interactive Migration Through Mexico map showing border crossings, checkpoints and more.

Christopher bet $3,001. That gave him $10,401.

David bet $4,400 so he finished with $14,800.

Liz bet $100 making today’s winnings $21,100. Her 2-day total is $49,600. Nice going! We’ll get to see Liz play her third game on Monday.

Final Jeopardy Results for Friday, June 17, 2016

TOUGH AARON SPELLING WOMEN ($800) As Kimberly, Marcia Cross ran down Michael with a car, framed Jane for the crime & blew up the complex on this title street

TEEN LITERATURE ($2000) This German author published “Demian”, a novel of a troubled young man seeking enlightenment
2 years ago: Only ONE of the players got this FJ in “Dogs & Geography”

in 2001, the names of these two breeds came together in the new offical name of a Canadian province. show

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10 Responses

  1. TaiwanBill says:

    Unfortunately, the final Jeopardy question last night was shown just before the commercial break to be on “Geography in the News”, but when they
    came back from the break, the final question was entirely different, being one from 10/21/2014 on “the 18th Century”, dealing with Souchang (Tea)
    and the Boston Tea Party. This mishap I had not seen before. Somehow KJAR/KAJ in Missoula (about 130 miles south of here) slipped in the
    wrong clip. I’m sure they’ll get complaints. Thank you for supplying the final question.

  2. VJ says:

    I actually saw that whole Aaron Spelling category last night at around 10:30 pm. on Jeopardy!’s Twitter account and since it was the last category in Double Jeopardy!, you could see that Liz had a runaway. Obviously, it was a mistake and they took it down. I wonder if they will put it back up later or tomorrow.

    Here’s a link to 10 clues from this game

    • Cece says:

      That was weird (AS category on Twitter).

      Although not at all difficult, I was impressed with the triple-solve FJ. Sometime in April, there was a Central America category that totally bombed.

      • VJ says:

        Still I was surprised that Trebek made that remark “What we discovered about a month ago on our program was that many people in the United States do not know much about Central America” before revealing the answers. First of all, you’re right — the Central American Capitals category was on April 13th. Secondly, there was another one back on April 10, 2014 where 4 out of 5 clues in a Central America category went unanswered. It’s an April thing, Alex. In June, many people know. :):)

        Also, they missed 4 out of 5 in the Earth Science category today. I shudder to think what he would have said if the FJ category had been something similar.:0 LOL!

        • Cece says:

          Wow! I went to let a friend in during the think music and missed the remark. Well, I shudder to think what he thinks about American’s knowledge of Canada.

          “It’s an April thing, Alex. ” LOL.

  3. Mathwiz100 says:

    Well, the only other countries bordering Mexico are the U. S. and Belize, so it was not that difficult. Unless you fall for the “Donald Trump trick” and think to say U. S., of course.
    By the way, what type of category is “Tough Aaron Spelling Women”?

  4. EricS says:

    Fantastic to see In These Times quoted. Thank you.