Final Jeopardy: The British Empire

Today’s Final Jeopardy question (5/22/2017) in the category “The British Empire” was:

The city that some 19th century Englishmen called “Caranjee” is now the biggest city in this country.

3x champ Ragavan Ramsubramani returns today to try to augment his $54,603 winnings with a 4th win. His challengers are: Tanya Obreiter, from Frederick, MD; and Justin Braddock, from Chattanooga, TN.

Round 1 Categories: DGA Feature Film Award Winners – Thunder & Lightning – Books – Words With Silent Letters – Beers by State – The Bold & the Beautiful

Tanya found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Books” under the $1,000 clue on the 9th pick of the round. She was in second place with $1,200, $200 less than Ragavan and Justin who were tied for first place. She promised her husband that she would do a Daily Double. She did and she was RIGHT.

William Strunk said this book “aims to give in brief space the principal requirements of plain English” form. show

Tanya finished in the lead with $5,800. Justin was second with $5,600 and Ragavan was last with $4,000.

Round 2 Categories: Russian Culture – Weeds – Asian-American Performers – World Tour – 19th Century Congressmen – Ends With a Double Vowel

Ragavan found the first Daily Double in “World Tour” under the $1,200 clue on the very first pick so the scores were the same as above. He bet $3,000 and he was RIGHT.

The Coliseum is one structure bolstering this nickname for Rome, suggesting it’ll endure for all time. show

Tanya found the last Daily Double in “19th Century Congressmen” under the $1,600 clue, with a dozen clues left after it. In third place with $8,600, she had $4,400 less than Ragavan’s lead. She bet $2,000, and she was RIGHT.

This man said that Massachusetts electing him to the house pleased him more than winning the presidency. show

Tanya finished in the lead with $18,600. Ragavan was next with $16,200 and Justin was in third place with $8,800.

TWO of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


Karāchi, the capital of Sindh province, is Pakistan’s largest city and principal seaport. It is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea immediately northwest of the Indus River Delta. says: “The city has been variously called Caranjee, Crochey, Krotchey, Currachee, and Kurrachee. All its names are believed to be derived from the Sindhi name of the original settlement that initially stood on the spot— Kalachi-Jo-goth (meaning the village of Kalachi— the headman of the tribe).”

Justin got it right. He bet $1,200 and finished with $10,000.

Ragavan thought it was India. He lost his $16,199 bet, leaving him with a lonely dollar.

Tanya started out with India but changed to Pakistan. Well, now we knew she was the winner but with how much? She bet $16,205 so she became the new Jeopardy! champ with $34,805. Very nice!

Final Jeopardy (5/22/2017) Ragavan Ramsubramani, Justin Braddock, Tanya Obreiter

After today’s “World Tour” category, Alex announced the new Jeopardy! app of the same name. It’s free. Read all about it and find out where you can get it.

A triple stumper from each round

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL ($600) Last name of Floria, the bold & beautiful title diva in an opera by Puccini

ASIAN-AMERICAN PERFORMERS ($800) Maggie Q fulfilled the second part of this 2007 Bruce Willis title after plunging down an elevator shaft in an SUV

2 years ago: NONE of the players got this FJ in “Hymns”

A Christian hymn and a Jewish holiday hymn are both titled this, also the name of a 2009 Tony-nominated musical. show

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7 Responses

  1. Lou says:

    Congrats to Tanya with her big win. let’s see if she can keep it up tomorrow But still though I think this game must have been too quick for Ragavan to keep up, Still he did well with the 54,000 dollars. Karachi is somehow indian, don’t you think so VJ?

    • VJ says:

      @Lou, It was a fast and well-played game. Each of them were in the lead at different times, but it seemed like Justin was getting outbuzzed in the last round. I thought they were all going to get the final clue so the leader would win. At least Ragavan has that consolation.

      Karachi was part of India in the mid-19th century. Look at this map of 19th century India showing British expansion. It shows Karachi on the far left between 20 and 30 degrees. (The map zoomed up to full screen when I clicked on it). Old maps are cool!

  2. VJ says:

    @Jacob and Rhonda, on the lightning bugs — I lived in Houston for several years before I realized they don’t have them here. I was sitting outside one summer night and suddenly said to myself “Something’s missing.” That was it.

    I was surprised that the final clue threw 2 players, but Tanya was lucky to realize the right answer in time.

    LINK: 10 clues from this match

    • rhonda says:

      That’s funny how it suddenly occurred to you, VJ. I doubt something like that would ever occur to me, even after several years.

      • VJ says:

        Yes, it was funny, Rhonda. I guess I was expecting to see their little lights dance by now and then. lol. I asked my boss about it the next day and he told me they just don’t have them at all.

    • jacob ska says:

      @VJ, that’s surprising… I thought they were everywhere.

  3. Dalton Higbee says:

    Two games in a row with two big paydays.