Final Jeopardy: Official State Stuff

Today’s Final Jeopardy question (2/2/2018) in the category “Official State Songs” was:

Composers of this State’s various official songs include Richard Rodgers & Woody Guthrie.

4x champ Ryan Fenster has won $90,198. In Game 5, that all important one, he defends against these two players: Jenny Rhodes, from New York, NY; and Caitlin Silberman, from Madison, WI.

Round 1 Categories: World Capitals Alphabetically – Career Day – Join the TV Club – Stringing You Along – Impeached, Removed or Just Quit – A Proverbial Mess

Ryan found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “World Capitals Alphabetically” under the $600 clue on the 2nd pick of the round. He was in the hole for $400, after a miss on the peculiar clue he chose first. He bet the $1,000 allowance and took a shot with Antwerp. That was WRONG.

Right before Bern on the list is this city, just 600 miles away. show

Jenny finished in the lead with $5,000. Caitlin was second with $4,200 and Ryan was last with $1,400.

Round 2 Categories: Roamin’ Catholics – Women Authors – “X” = Z – Billy – Bud – 4 Top Men

Ryan found the first Daily Double in “Roamin’ Catholics” under the $800 clue on the second pick (again!). This time he got the first clue right and had $1,800, $3,200 less than Jenny’s lead. He bet the $2,000 allowance and said “Santiago de Compostela.” Sounded good but it was WRONG.

The Camino Ignaciano is the route of St. Ignatius from this hometown to Manresa, where he awoke spiritually.
Roamin' Catholics Daily Double (Jeopardy! 2-2-18)

Ryan found the last Daily Double in “Buds” under the $2,000 clue, with 6 clues remaining after it. In third place with $1,400, he had $10,000 less than Jenny’s lead. He bet the $2,000 again and, this time, he was RIGHT.

This 3-word perennial, genus myosotis, wants you to remember that its pink buds produce blue flowers. show

Jenny finished in the lead with $13,000. Caitlin was next with $9,000 and Ryan was in third place with $4,200.

Only ONE of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


Oklahoma has 8 state songs. “Oklahoma!,” Richard Rodgers’ title song of the 1943 Broadway musical with the same name, was adopted as its official song and anthem in 1953. Woody Guthrie’s “Oklahoma Hills” became the official state folk song in 2001. For the rest of them, check out NetState’s list of All Official State Songs

Ryan got it right. He bet it all and finished with $8,400.

Caitlin had Colorado. She lost her $599 bet, finishing with $8,401.

Jenny had New York. She lost $1,101 bet but won the match with the remaining $11,899. Jenny Rhodes is the new Jeopardy! champ.

Final Jeopardy (2/2/2018) Ryan Fenster, Caitlin Silberman, Jenny Rhodes

2 triple stumpers from the last round:

WOMEN AUTHORS ($2000) She’s the bestselling author of the novels “The Nightingale”, “Home Front” & “Firefly Lane”

“X” = Z ($800) On the list of most popular U.S. baby boy names, it’s the top one that fits the category

2 years ago: TWO of the players got this FJ in “U.S. Presidents”

He was the only 20th century president who never delivered an inaugural address. show

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10 Responses

  1. timmeh says:

    On this one, I thought Ryan’s Great Schism response should have been accepted. If it was just “a schism” (and Trebek did not give a specific schism), the clue should not have said “this rift.” It should have said “one of these rifts”

    I also thought Ryan’s Xander was more right than Xavier , often pronounced X-zavier.

    • VJ says:

      @timmeh, great point about the schism. I totally agree.

      On the Xavier thing, though, let’s suppose Ryan said X-zavier. The judges would have to give it to him because it is also pronounced just Zavier.

      I don’t recall if they gave a year in that clue, but here are the SS Admin’s stats for the Top 5 “X” names in 2016:

      Xavier, M, 4560
      Xander, M, 1988
      Xzavier, M, 287
      Xavi, M, 122
      Xaiden, M, 72

      They also have 37 American males being named Xzander on that list.

  2. Greg McDonald says:

    What was the logic in betting $1101?

  3. rhonda says:

    VJ, Mother Cabrini was an answer just the other day in one of the old categories that you posted in Spoiler Talk. Another Jeopardy coincidence.

    • VJ says:

      I noticed that too, Rhonda. The clue was from back in 1997 — SAINTS ($500) She immigrated to New York from Italy in 1889 & in 1946 was the first U.S. citizen canonized. It was also a triple stumper back then!

      I just assumed the Roamin’ Catholics category was about saints and thought Ryan went straight to it because he knew them pretty well. I was stunned by his response on that Ignatius DD.

  4. Lou says:

    Ryan wasn’t worried at all after winning 90000 dollars and he now joins Kyle, Gilbert and Jennifer in the TOC. Still though Oklahoma will always be my favorite song. VJ, what sort of state songs do you have as a favorite? I must commend Ryan for progressing this far. Also I am certain.that the ladies went a bit easy on Ryan today right VJ?

    • VJ says:

      Well, I see a handful or so on that complete state songs list that I know and like. For my favs, maybe Take Me Home Country Roads, Blue Moon of Kentucky and Rocky Top Tennessee. It kind of struck me funny that Ohio picked Hang On, Sloopy for their official rock song. I’ll have to look into why sometime.

      I hope Ryan gets to the ToC. It’s not a sure thing at 4 games, right? idk how or if the ladies went easy on him. He kind of did himself in there, but he still might have won if the ladies had wagered to beat each other. Ha!

      LINK: 11 more clues from this game

      I did not include this one: ROAMIN’ CATHOLICS ($1200) St. Thomas Aquinas died traveling to Lyon, France while attempting to heal this rift between the Latin & Greek churches

      Ryan said the Great Schism. Alex said it was a schism, but not the “Great” one, but as near as I can figure out, the Second Council of Lyon was called to end the Great Schism. If you find a different answer, let me know!
      Wikipedia: Schisms in Christianity

      • Louis says:

        But of course. Also Caitlin mixed Cleary up with Blume in women authors as I guess she never read Tales of a fourth grade nothing and Superfudge. Cleary is the author of beezus and Ramona Ramona and her father, Henry and ribsy and so forth. Those were my favorite books back in my elementary school days, VJ. Also I will see what I can find on.the great schism thing on Wikipedia and I will let you know. Plus do you still have Blume or Cleary books lying around VJ?

        • VJ says:

          @Lou, when Judy Blume started publishing her stories, I was in my early 20s and didn’t have kids yet. My first child was a boy who was into superheroes big time. I still call him Man-Bat sometimes. 🙂 Beverly Cleary was publishing her stories in my childhood but I was always reading poetry, biographies and classics (the children’s versions).

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