Venezuelan Soap Star, Monica Spear, and Ex-Husband Murdered in Cold Blooded Robbery

Venezuelan actress Monica Spear, and her ex-husband Henry Thomas Berry, were both shot to death in a shocking robbery, Venezuelan police reported on Tuesday. The couple were taking a road trip with their 5-year-old daughter, who was also injured in the incident, when their vehicle suddenly ground to a halt on the road because of something in the road spiked the tires. While they were waiting for a tow truck for their stranded gray Toyota Corolla, gunmen approached the car, police said. The terrified couple locked themselves inside the vehicle, but the bandits opened fire, killing both of them and wounding their daughter in the leg. The child is in stable condition.

Monica Spear’s family said that because of the high crime rate for both murder and robbery in Venezuela, they had tried in vain to convince her to move to the United States. The former Miss Venezuela (2004) had already been the victim of six robberies, according to her family, but her brother, Ricardo Spear Mootz, a resident of Florida, said that she considered Venezuela her home and “She loved her country too much.”

Her British born ex-husband spent his youth in Venezuela but left the country after being shot in a robbery, and seeing his best friend die. He later returned to Venezuelan.

The Daily Mail reports that 5 men have been arrested in connection with the murders, which has brought the high murder rate in the South American country back in the spotlight.

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